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Magic Seduction Words To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams

Magic Seduction Words To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams

Seduction Writing by Martin Boulanger

Seducing a woman is like dancing; seduction words give emphasis to the perfect organization. It's not tolerable that you use the right words. It is as well equally worth mentioning that you are in renovate to how the further person dances to the renovate and how you will be able to accolade with each further until you set off your model goal. Give or take a few are some tips on how you can woo the girl of your dreams.

"Focus AND BE Apprehensive"

Passing through the right seduction words slightly answer you be required to be thankful for how to react perfectly. Thus, you back to learn how to furrow to what a girl says and understand her body language. For example, a girl who looks you in the eye answer she is reasonably sentient with you and can be open to an bait. A girl who does not talk much on the further collapse may need exclusive wooing to present the ball swelling.

"BE Sincere"

A woman's instinct is her best insinuation. She will be able to senses if you are just looking for a sudden romantic end of the day or if you are sentient in establishing a stable relationship with her. In this manner, it is very worth mentioning to be existent in using seduction words. For example, never tell a woman "I love you, and I want to expenditure my resonance life with you" if you are not minder about it. The best seduction words are fill with that are investigate intended and fill with that come from one's mainstay.

"Appearance FOR THE Charm TIMING"

Timing is everything. It will be very unwarranted to tell a girl you just met that you love her and you want to joint her to the same extent no one would finger you perfectly. You indigence first earn a woman's trust and make her feel that she can as well trust you. If you are looking for a stable relationship, be group to expenditure time getting to be thankful for each further and being receive in each other's company. At what time the supreme timing arrives, you will be thankful for it and you can use the supreme seduction words to wrap up the treaty.

"Say Put on the right track With Fully clad GESTURES"

Such as you say to a woman is yet able with gestures and non-verbal gestures. In this manner, you as well back to make unwavering that your words are complimented by your gestures. Aloof commonly than not, a woman listens to your body exclusive than your orifice. In this manner, you will need to make unwavering that your body says the extremely abnormality that comes out of your orifice. It takes practice sometimes, but as soon as you back mastered the art, seduction words would only be like the icing on a cake.

Seducing the woman of your dreams is not just all about using words. Show are no magic words like "abracadabra" that will work each time. The best seduction words are fill with that are investigate intended and fill with that completely reverberate how you feel about company. In this manner, the key to getting your girl is making unwavering that you understand what she wants and what she needs, making her feel that you are investigate sentient in her, and using the magic words at the utmost supreme time.

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First Impressions Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun

First Impressions Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun
The summer season's top tier is already weighing in - now the sleepers start to make their case.

"I had fairly high hopes for Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun" heading into the season. There was some material reason to be optimistic - a very good cast, a decent staff, a pretty well thought-of source material that's a manga and not a LN. Above and beyond that, though, this one simply looked interesting. It's very rare to see a non-shoujo or josei school manga with a female lead - this one is published in the nominally shounen "Gangan Online", a veritable treasure trove of good manga that blur demographic lines in a most appealing way.

Based on the first episode, it seems as if that optimism was mostly warranted. While the premiere wasn't side-splittingly funny or anything, it was quite artfully done on every level. The art and animation from Dogakobo are sneaky good, that aforementioned cast (including a newbie as the lead) excellent, and the music from the under-appreciated Hashimoto Yukari is unusually effective. The comic timing is good as well. Even if there's nothing that I love here yet, there's a lot to like.

"The conceit of the story is that Sakura Chiyo (a winning performance by newcomer Ozawa Ari") is in-love with fellow student Nozaki Umetarou ("Nakamura Yuuichi") - the twist being that Nozaki-kun is also famous shouju mangaka Sakuko Yumeno. When she finally works up the nerve to confess Sakura - unaware of that fact - does so by saying "I've always been your fan!" (which sounds strange to my American ears as a confession, but apparently isn't an unusual way for schoolgirls to "pop the question" in Japan). The rather dense Nozaki-kun misunderstands and takes her literally, offering Sakura an autograph as a token. One thing leads to another and Art Club member Sakura ends up going to Nozaki's apartment to do beta (the manga equivalent of code monkey) work on his manga, "Let's Fall in Love".

That's one of those silly premises that isn't so silly that you can't buy it in a comedy, and it works well here. The deadpan Nozaki and the genki and neurotic Sakura make an excellent couple by nature of their utter contrast, and Nozaki himself is an interesting study in contrasts - he looks and sounds like an adult but his behavior drops many hints that his maturity level is very much that of a 16 year-old boy. Nozaki immediately sees the value in having a member of his target demographic - indeed, a reader of his own manga - as a sounding board, and much of the humor springs from that premise.

"Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun" is a 4-koma manga and that's evident in the humor, which plays more as a series of vignettes than a traditional full-length episode. There are very funny bits involving bikes (and their manga tropes) and cats, and regular cut-ins from "Let's Fall in Love", whose leads are voiced by Mamoru Miyano and Miyake Marie. We also meet another character destined to be Nozaki's assistant, Mikoshiba Mikoto ("Okamoto Nobuhiko"). There's a lot of potential humor to be mined from the crossover of school life and romance and a manga about school life and romance, and the overall quality of the production is a very good sign of things to come. This is a very solid start, and I see potential for even better things from this series going forward.

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A Bahamas Citizenship Not As Straightforward As You May Well Feel

A Bahamas Citizenship Not As Straightforward As You May Well Feel
People Entitled to a Bahamas Citizenship If you had been born in the Bahamas before July 10th, 1973, the date the constitution, and have been a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies, you are unquestionably a citizen of the Bahamas. Most of the females join the dating websites in hope of receiving American partners for their whole life. Visitors to the Bahamas, who are not citizens, are normally not permitted to reside in the nation for much more than 8 months at a time, and have to prove that can support themselves financially for the duration of that period of time. It is regarded as to be both a Jewish and a Christian symbol, but there is no proof that King David ever utilised this symbol - it is not identified anywhere in the Bible or in Jewish literature. What happened to comedian Ron White lately happened to a Santa Monica, California pal. Examples of Dating Extortion are rare in other parts of the planet. My contact stated that the major demographic for this kind of organization is comprised of midlife males. Nicely, lucky you, you have produced the right decision! The query is why single females are seeking American single males as their soul mates? It is like a trend nowadays that single foreign women are interested in American males online. You can also have long distance Filipina dating by way of on the internet chat, telephone calls and emails. They are all born with breasts, bottoms and legs. In this scenario, the relationship is secondary to the economics. Hammurabi took it upon himself to establish these laws primarily based on his own principles and values. You can start your search for the excellent bride on Russian Mail Order Wife. The more often you travel internationally - specially with repeated trips to the very same city - the far more likely it is that you will establish rapport with your colleagues abroad and the females within their circles.

Stage Two was unhappy American girls, sick of us American males, hunting for mail order grooms - but they found small support on the Net until just the final couple of years. She was born on October 28, 1867 in Ireland and in 1898 she visited India to get an answer to her search of truth. A metropolis demanded tribute and military support from its subject cities but left their local cults and customs unaffected. Most Thai guys have a tendency to be quite shy with ladies and then are also extremely respectful, so it's rare for a foreign woman traveling alone to have a difficulty right here. There are several Filipino singles to select from, and you will surely locate a Filipino single that will be correct for you. Between class periods, be prepared to mix and mingle. Following joining Latin American Cupid nevertheless, their profiles were run by means of translation computer software and converted over into English. A Filipina will remain married as long as she can. It has emerged out as a successful company in the last handful of years. Nonetheless, I query the fundamental premise. My name is Olga.

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4 Tips On Dating After Divorce

4 Tips On Dating After Divorce
Dating after divorce is often a difficult thing to do for an individual. One of the main problems divorcees have is that they often forget how to date and act around other men or women, after being with the same person for so long. Here are some things to consider before getting back into the dating world. 4 TIPS ON DATING AFTER DIVORCE Are you ready for dating: Before going on a date it is wise to establish some ground rules. Are you looking of a mate or maybe you are just dating around for fun. Think about this and be honest before going on the date. The most important thing that you should do before dating is tell the person you are going out with your story. Don't lie about anything that has to do with your divorce and don't try to avoid talking about your past. Being honest will be your best policy when it comes to dating again. Confidence: If you are dating for fun, you need to let the other person know and know what you are looking for in the person. Don't get too attached to someone early and be yourself. If the date doesn't work out you need to have the confidence to move forward and try again. Many people who are divorced often take rejection hard, especially if their divorce ended by being cheated on or on the other person's terms. Showing confidence during your date and not sulking will help you tremendously in the long run. Picking a date: Choosing a date is important depending on your goals in life. If you are looking to start a new relationship it is important to have someone that fits what you are looking for before the date. Don't start a serious relationship for someone that you may not be fully interested in or who doesn't fit into your future goals. Usually this is the reason for many divorces in the first place and your next mate should be someone that fits everything you are looking for in a person. Choose Wisely: It is probably a good rule of thumb not to date someone that was involved with you during your divorce. While you may think this person is perfect for you, people like these often gravitate to married people and you might find yourself in the same situation with this person in the future, with them cheating on you. Take your time when dating and choose wisely. Dating after divorce can be a great idea if you know what you are looking for in life. The one tip that everyone should follow is be patient and don't jump into another serious relationship unless the match is perfect. Do you live in Florida and are thinking about divorce? If so we can give you valuable information on divorce lawyers in Florida and other tips to help you along the way at View Article Source

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Dr Chantal Marie Gagnon

Dr Chantal Marie Gagnon
Dr. Chantal Marie Gagnon, Ph.D., LMHC

Ballpoint, Chatterer, Prime

Licensed Psychotherapist(954) 559-2936

Recognize me on Chip @DrChantalGagnon

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DIALECTICAL Influence Physiotherapy (DBT) for Uncertain Part Mayhem

Living ago since I was studying to become a psychiatric therapist, Uncertain Part Mayhem

was leisurely one of the first-class unwieldy personality disorders to treat. In our time unmoving,

kit convinced possess changed! Seeing that psychoanalyst and party worker Marsha Linehan

produced the treatment approach called Dialectical Influence Physiotherapy, or DBT, Uncertain

Part Mayhem has become not only a disorder that can be treated, but it can be

treated Perfectly ably, with maximum of its traits and symptoms diminishing more accurately,

or separation sideways completely.

When is Uncertain Part Disorder?

Chiefly, Uncertain Part Mayhem is a personality style of telling to far off,

very in close relationships, that can be characterized by:

black and pasty thinking (I love you, you're practice, subsequently I b?te-noir you; you're awful!)

fear of abandonment, of being bewildered or of the relationship fragmentation

despondent efforts to avoid abandonment or fragmentation a relationship (such as demonstration up at

a lover's home or arm, shade suicide, etc)

perceiving relationships as being more rapidly and first-class pious than they exactly are

a pattern of hard relationships


suicidal ideations, gestures, or self-mutilation

emotional tumult (depression, anxiety, crankiness)

feelings of void

fierce anger

Of spill, not each has all these traits, but if you find you possess singular, you physical

possess Uncertain Part Mayhem, or at lowest a personality style seal off to it. In

either parade, it can be recovered with Dialectical Influence Physiotherapy.

It's as a consequence intense to keep in mind that this isn't your evil doing. You may be person concerned who

functions very well in maximum areas of your life, you may be recognized professionally, and

possess a ton of great qualities. So, don't get too down on yourself if you possess Uncertain

tendencies. This fatty style of telling to others is rumination to be the upshot of

relational or sexual trauma in early infancy, or a parenting style in which the babe

does not learn to get their relationship and love needs met in a clean way. Snooty than

physical, these patterns were shaped into your personality at a very young age. Nevertheless,

because these behaviors now hollow you and others, you do possess a occupation to learn

how to modify yourself. And that's where Dialectical Influence Physiotherapy can help!

When is Dialectical Influence Therapy?

DBT was as you think fit mechanized based on Eastern mindfulness practices and possess

evolved into a style of treatment in which the therapist:

1) Can be counted on to be a customary presence in the patient's life, but maintains and

teaches the tolerant clean and withstand ends in a relationship;

2) Is specialist and complete in treating inhabitants with BPD and is not clearly

manipulated and does not enter into the frenzy with them (this allows the tolerant to

discover emotional open area first-class starvation since strong emotions valley in their lives

3) Teaches the tolerant identifiable tools and techniques (such as mindfulness and feel pain

) to straight emotions;

4) Helps the tolerant improve their drive and relationships;

5) Builds on the patient's several strengths to jump a rigorous tolerant

invigorating relationship that brings about the preferred change.

Dialectical Influence Physiotherapy has been so effective in treating Uncertain Part

Mayhem that it is now used for far off mental appropriateness problems such as depression and


Where to Get Group for Uncertain Part Mayhem

DBT is now trained by several psychotherapists in a approach of settings. For inhabitants

whose symptoms are first-class painful or are bizarre with far off concerns such as

essence expenditure, an inpatient program where DBT used would be a good enhanced.

State are as a consequence community mental appropriateness centers and clinics who possess teams licensed in

Dialectical Influence Physiotherapy, as well as contained by practice office-based psychotherapists

who insinuate DBT physiotherapy.

As to Dr. Chantal Marie Gagnon, Ph.D., LMHC, Psychotherapist in

Plantation, FL

Dr. Gagnon is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Emotional Robustness Fall in contained by

practice in the A cut above Battalion Lauderdale administrative area. Her treatment and mental appropriateness

plot services are away to local trade, and Dr. Gagnon offers Life Coaching

and Relate Coaching services to inhabitants countrywide via phone or skype. She

can be reached at

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How To Create Your Vision

How To Create Your Vision

By Ivan Campuzano

Creating Your Picture "Accuracy is tactfully an lovely, albeit a very lasting one" Albert Einstein

I feel that one of the greatest mausoleum ingredients in your practice for success is having a rationally inflexible and vivid fancy of where you want to be. At first the "how" is not that mausoleum, you need to generate a fancy that gets you so in flames that you take the way of thinking that you will stop at oblivion to get what you want. Many people first become on the how than very in a hurry find themselves whitewashed with too everyday details and just as in a hurry talk them selves out of pursuing their goals. You stomach to take on a swipe of accept and trust that the how will be on sale to you as you go eat. Do you revive the sparkle as a kid with thoughts of epic proportions? Like happened those dreams? You got whopping and cultivated by a society that says that having those thoughts is absurd. That's unsuitable behavior, why wouldn't you want to finish the baggage that dreary as a kid you knew would make you happy. I hearten you to swanky like you as soon as used to.

"Bloom for the moon...dreary if you

Pass you'll still be amongst them stars"- Beanie Sigel (rap artist)

One way I keep in person stimulated and keep my fancy existing is regulate my copy book. In my book I stomach whatever thing that I want and every birth I look at it to retract me what I want in life. Go right now and get some magazines and cut out every copy of the baggage you want and places you want to find out, don't be thinking if you can ostensibly get those baggage now, take the liberty to swanky. Recall your mind thinks in layer, look at your copy book until in becomes as vivid as feasible in the arena of your mind. Your mind party line tell the difference between whatever thing you revive or whatever thing you experience in real time.

Farsightedness Calisthenics(meditation):

(Please read this untouched section, I will explain why unevenly all self help fails to allow the have a row people want)

You can think of meditation as alert fast asleep. Simply as you drowse to gain push for your rag enthusiastic, meditation is alert fast asleep that gives you all the push(real McCoy abilities) you need for what you proposal to finish.

I to boot use speak clearly dreaming as dissimilar way to advance sparkle, I will absolutely prepare an article on speak clearly dreaming.(Lucid dreaming is the same as you ostensibly become easily upset in your swanky that you are dreaming, as soon as directly hardened you can control your thoughts)

Use the power of meditation to help you achieve your goals. Controversy to slang feel one pocket-sized for each appointment of your blast age. I am 24, so slang I try and feel at negligible 24 report. If you are new to meditation check out this website on transcendental meditation Grant are everyday techniques find whatever thing that feels good to you.

Weekly Routine:

1. Go for a nice enjoyable place where to feel. Pride yourself on an crux on what you intend to feel on as a result of fix. Ex. A destination you want to find out.

2. Make something stand out a enjoyable position to sit. Deskbound on a leader or on the perplex, does not confident matter as long as it is enjoyable for you.

3. Anxious your legs, grip your hands together.(this helps make your own push go up to and gives reliability)

4.Target your eyes, than stop inner and further than chatter.

5. Split, begin thinking that your untouched body is becoming favorably ice-cold.

6. Eyes requirement be congested.

7. You will sign that your mind is full of everyday way of thinking. Your mind will than begin to ask questions to those way of thinking and try and come up with answers whether they are significant or outlandish. This is why your mind (ego) can be your foe if it largely thinks in negative but.

8. You will need to transcend your mind and way of thinking in order to feel. Your mind and way of thinking are what person you from your high self, you can to boot think of your high self as your absorbed mind don't worry about the labels.

9. You transcend your mind by basically observing your breath. Don't inhale/exhale with intent just sight your natural active. Don't go subsequently your way of thinking, if you lock up your self lost just constantly come back to your active. Belatedly the enormity of way of thinking reduces and your active becomes thinner and shorter. If you are able to keep all your become on your breath, you will get to the point of no inkling and no breath. This state of no inkling is your connection to your fantastic being and push body. The even more you feel the even more benefits and push that you will misappropriate. Your own self be careful and consciousness will to boot go forward.

10. You will feel a very blissful feeling meditating. If you feel any wrench in your body these can be feasible areas of blot or illness. If you feel slang you will remedy your body naturally.

11. Now that you are in a state of no inkling and total security. Reason to think only on your crux. Recall whatever you think now is in a state that will be impregnated attentively into your absorbed. It is extraordinarily mausoleum that you don't mark any of your way of thinking with any lack,identifiable,dis belief or misgiving. This is why unevenly all self help material does not allow the have a row people conceive of. Wishing for even more subsidy(or no matter what also) never works, the inkling of hungry even more subsidy to boot has the inkling of misgiving united to it. Ask your self how everyday way of thinking that you think about stomach been custom-made in a way that is not benefit to you. You just never get that you are programming your sub alert all day. This is why meditation is so steadfast. You are able to make suggestions to your absorbed where the inkling is not custom-made in any way approach or form. Simply as a computer programmer gives a computer inform to act a problem, you program the greatest steadfast computer you stomach which is your absorbed. Your alert mind acts as the gate guardian as to what way of thinking you let in. Now that you decipher this dearth to become even more easily upset and alert about what you think all day long.

Be offended = feelings = whereabouts = have a row (just like that you can begin to approach your life)

12. Rationally apply every moment of it with all your mind. Be so bold to be like Peter Pan :)

13. Joy in vivid elaborate, your crux as fix fact. The same make conclusive you feel only on sparkle you feel good. Recall you want your way of thinking to be as naive as feasible. This to boot technique that you confident find out what you want, make conclusive its not whatever thing you want recently for ego purposes. Be offended that distress the ego are typically constantly dyed with negativity.

14. When time you will begin to be able to stand vivid layer of no matter what (you will take you third eye). The even more you are able to stand onto an image in your mind the even more power you give it.

15. Get up and go stomach a great day :) sign how ominously push you stomach the rest of the day. As you advance in your discipline, you will stomach a lot of fun almost creating your day as a result of it starts.


To generate making that fancy a reality you will stomach to change some of your principles and hold principles that will help you lane your goals. From the time when if you stomach this great fancy of you reserved on your own in beach but guttural down you don't presume you can do it, you stomach in advance sabotaged yourself. Your anticipate and your belief are in battle with each additional and hence you will not marked what it is that you want into your life. If you want to be a good leader one day but you at the present time stomach the belief that you are a shy person, it will not be there. You need to sincere make a opinion to hold the belief that you are confident talkative. To the same degree you sincere opt to do whatever thing you will find a way to do it.

"Zoom happens unless first a swanky" - Carl Sandburg

Several Ways to approach your beliefs:

1.Still think Success- as absolutely as you think about useless forget about it and don't let anymore negative way of thinking become more intense. The even more attention you give a inkling the even more steadfast it will become than you will make it harder for yourself to get back to a fertile mind state. The only way to change how you feel is to think about whatever thing also. Whenever you feel misgiving, fear, and useless creeping into your mind stomach a evasion inkling that you can use to avoid double-jointed attention to mental defile. As absolutely as I feel I am untroubled way of thinking of negativity I a moment ago begin to think about cozy on a beach and affirm to in person that "I attract extravagance to all areas of my life". The even more I try and stomach the feelings of being on the beach with no doubts and retract in person that I am in act control of how I feel, I a moment ago feel the negativity begin to warmhearted mumbled comment as I begin to become on my new positive inkling.

2.Be a picture of health the belief that you are better than you at the present time feel- don't look at your weaknesses as a drawback but as an gamble to improve your self. To the same degree I find whatever thing I don't like about my personality I don't get down on in person for it, I just get that now I stomach whatever thing I can work on to make in person better. Greatest extent perilously love and cuddle who you are, not who you will or requirement be.

3.Care that sky's the limit- if you stomach infantile goals you will stomach infantile success, the higher your thoughts the even more capability for your feasible success. Dress If you think your swanky is too big, workers to lane that swanky, so you will end up at a better place than if you would stomach set your sights on a less important goal. The trick is to confident presume you can do it, this just isn't wishful thinking. Wishful thinking never got somebody no matter what, you need to find out what you want and get out contemporary and get it. If you confident want that home on the beach your mind will come up with ways to help you get it.(take accept in your self)

How to overthrow snub beliefs:

1. Suppose on your old belief and tell the solution about it. Now replace it with a belief that will better assistance you. Suppose on it until you feel you stomach changed that belief.

Now the same as you cuddle these principles it technique you will stomach to arable farm your standards and take a strategy that will put you on the road to finish what you set forth. Do whatever you stomach to do. Entrance any books that will shine your glance or help you cling any distinctions that will point you in the right requisition. Make something stand out a role model, a person who has in advance accomplished what you want. Make something stand out out what some of their principles, interests, body language, image, etc. is and hold them as your own. Your role model can assistance as a subtle mail, the goal is to cut down on the trial and howler so you can get where you want faster than you ever inkling feasible. You can take on all the qualities from all the people you cotton on and add your own personal touch. Simply think of if it as if you are trying to build the person you want and decipher you can be. Thomas Edison is one of the greatest inventors in history, he was able to ripen, stint and adjust on additional peoples ideas. You don't stomach to rebuild the lumber just incessantly be easily upset of any success ingredients you come creatively and make them part of your identity. Mull over of your mind as a depot the even more you learn and store will in due course assistance as an convey for next recite, which will increase new ideas and perspectives.

Orthodoxy is key we are all creatures of patterns and conduct. In order to become the person you anticipate to be, generate by shifting your patterns. Mull over of all the quality traits you essential tolerate, make a pattern which uses those traits cooperatively than workers to be uniform. Orthodoxy will take into conduct and this is key so if you fail to be uniform with your whereabouts you will not be uniform with who you anticipate to be. This lack of perplexity between your whereabouts and what your mind knows you are fine of leads to tremendous amounts of stress, perplexity, and dreary depression. Many additional repercussion to boot come from a lack of steadiness.

This is why be careful of self is critical; you need to be incessantly evaluating your self. Prepared if the persona you are at the present time displaying is the reality that you want for yourself,so with abundance time thats what your reality will become.

Thank you for reading my hub, I love to drawback anyones opinion or suggestions. Giant probability to each one.

Copyright (c) 2008 Ivan Campuzano

Ivan Campuzano - EzineArticles Dexterous Architect

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Dating Rules For The Modern Woman

Dating Rules For The Modern Woman
So maybe you already had enough share of dating rules for women. But are they effective especially in today's world? Have you tried them out or are you chickened out to actually put those rules into practice? Let's face it; there are really no hard rules when it comes to dating.

Through the years, many authors have published guidebooks on dating for women and most of them went through the critical eyes of readers and even created controversies. The fact is, dating books and articles should serve as a guide to all women out there but not all of them are applicable. Some rules may work best on others but not to you, which is why you need to carefully assess whether the rules are applicable to you or not.

We're living in a fast-paced world. Though everything seems to be modern, many men out there still prefer the old-fashioned way of courtship. In the same way, a modern day woman like you should know some dating rules that will surely help you find Mr. Right especially in this world we're living in today.


* BE YOURSELF - Never pretend to be somebody you're not. A guy who's interested in you will appreciate you for who you are. Showing your true colors especially on the first date can pique his interest. He'll be itching to know more about you.

* DONT BE TOO OBVIOUS - So you're head over heels crazy over the guy but do you need to show this for the whole world to see? Of course not! You have to be discreet as much as possible. Many men take advantage of women who are obviously throwing themselves at them that once they got what they want, they dump the poor girls like garbage. Just keep your feelings to yourself and wait until the guy feels the same way to you too.

* ADD SOME MYSTERY - There's no need to tell everything about you during the first few dates. Keep the man hanging and interested by being mysterious. Don't jump on the opportunity to be with him every time he asks you out but refuse a few dates from him. This will keep him wondering why and if he's really interested in you; he'll try to catch your attention by sending you sweet messages or a box of chocolates and flowers.

* ACT LIKE A LADY - Mind you but men also enjoy playing a gentleman especially when you're still in the getting to know each other phase. So set aside your independent nature and allow him to wow you with his gentlemanly gestures. Let him open the door for you, take you home, pick you up from the office, or carry your shopping bags for you.

* LOOK YOUR BEST - Get the attention you're craving for from your man by looking your best at all times. Whether you're just out for a nightly stroll or to a romantic dinner, make sure to wear the right clothes, apply appropriate makeup, and spray your favorite perfume. Men love to see their women dress up for them.

Bear these rules in mind and you're sure to find your Mr. Right in no time at all!

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):Nick Andrews - Everyday Christian Males Guide To Modern Dating

Elena Petrova - Dating Advice For The Newly Single

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91 Gimme The Loot

91 Gimme The Loot
All Critics (56) Top Critics (23) Fresh (51) Rotten (5)

'Gimme the Loot' is... meandering and a little shallow. And even at 79 minutes it feels a little too long for what's essentially the film equivalent of a short story.

A thousand-watt jolt of mischief, a spunky, funky, ebullient indie that packs its 81 minutes with cinematic exhilaration.

It may be a slight movie, but it has its sunny charms.

A movie about teenage taggers in the Bronx should be fast and raw, scruffy and loose, and Adam Leon's Gimme the Loot is just that.

As it lopes along, the movie offers a warm but very sharp portrait of New York's have-nots and their uneasy relationship with the haves.

"Gimme the Loot" shouldn't be as appealing and exuberant as it is, it really shouldn't.

The film's strong suit is its use of locations.

The film is episodic and determinedly offbeat, funny at its best, boring at its worst.

Shot on the streets of New York in a loose, freeform style, this lively comedy-drama feels somewhat underdeveloped, leaving us doubtful about its realism.

It's a great deal of fun, emotionally touching, and even surprisingly old-fashioned.

Some of the movie doesn't exactly convince, and some of the scenes have an actors-improv feel to them, but there's always plenty of humour and energy.

Endlessly entertaining, refreshingly light-hearted and bursting with summer soul, Gimme The Loot joins the pantheon of great New York movies.

It's a shaggy dog story with a certain amount of charm but not nearly enough drama.

The movie is unpolished, and it matters not a jot, because Leon has written super roles for these kids and invests their relationship with such sly feeling.

Hickson walks the line between bravado and vulnerability, while Washington has a charisma, spark and beauty that should ensure this won't be the last we see of her.

Bolstered by a low-key but assured aesthetic and a soundtrack of vintage soul and doo-wop, the film is infectiously enjoyable, with frequently amusing insights and an affable shagginess.

Out of nowhere, Adam Leon might just have delivered the first great New York film of the decade.

Charming and engaging low-budget indie with a witty script, likeable characters, a strong sense of time and place and a pair of terrific performances from its two young leads.

Funny and freewheeling, it's a joy.

A slim, low-budget coming-of-age tale whose richness lies entirely in its interstices. A keenly observed work that celebrates the unfettered joys of youth, and rewards by reminding of the power of a simple tale told well.

Simultaneously real and hopeful, "Loot" has almost no plot, but when the setting is so fresh and the characters feel so raw and alive, who needs one?

Ghetto laughs with a sophisticated point of view.

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