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Pr04 102801 Lipsey

Pr04 102801 Lipsey


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New Book of Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts

NEWARK, NJ - October 28, 2004 /Send2Press Newswire/ -- Author Rudolph Lipsey announced today the publication of his first book, "Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts" (ISBN 0-9755942-0-6). Lipsey has been inspired by so many loving and caring people, this mind-soothing book is a work of art, it will take your perspective on life to another level -- not down, but up. This book touches you in a helpful and God giving way, to strengthen your life, marriage, family, relationship, struggles or whatever dilemma that might arise in your journey through this awesome yet wicked world.

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"The reason I've written this book was to help someone." said Lipsey. "I'm so grateful and humble, thanking the Heavenly Father for giving me the gift to write and express my deepest thoughts and concerns. I've come to realize that it's truly better to give, any day, than to receive. Life is very short, so live and enjoy it in a respectable and honest way."

About The Author

Rudolph Lipsey, 42, is a life long resident of Newark, New Jersey, who is the Author and Self Publisher of his book. At the age of seventeen he discovered his gift of writing, which was indoctrinated from his father, the late Mr. Rudolph Lipsey Sr., and his Grandmother Mrs. Joan Thomas. He grew up around the toughest neighborhoods in the City of Newark. He survived many of life's ups and downs, to become a good man, a strong father, consummate husband, productive member of society, and a proud member of the Greater Harvest Baptist Church, under the guidance of Pastor Luke Davis.

His poems are truly from the heart, defining Life, Love, Peace, Joy, and Happiness. Rudolph Lipsey writes from the spirit.

Here's Are Some of The Topics in "Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts":

Amercia War In The Desert

Dear God

Feeling Good

Getting Through The Storm

Giving Up

If God Went On Strike Today

Life Is Short

My Adorable Wife

Peace Instead Of War





The Aftermath Of 9-11-01

The Days

The Definition Of Life

The Mind, Heart, And Spirit

The Youth Of Today


and Much More....


No matter how hard life gets

You must keep fighting and never quit

We all have to endure the ups and downs

It's a part of being lost and found

When you give your all in a game

Win,lose or draw there's no need to feel shame

The time will come for you to compete

Step up to the plate and feel the heat

Every soul has that burning desire

God grants us blessing to reach even higher

"Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts" (ISBN 0-9755942-0-6) by Rudolph Lipsey is 112 pages, 6x9, paperback.

To purchase by mail, please send $12.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling, check or money order, to: Rudolph Lipsey (Books), Uplifting Poems Publisher, P.O. Box 13155, Jersey City NJ. 07303.

For credit card orders, go to, look for "Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts" by Rudolph Lipsey, or a direct link is:

This is his first book. In 2005, Part 2 of "Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts" will be available. A novel is in the works for 2006.

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Rudolph Lipsey, Author

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