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Would You Wear That If Nobody Else Did

Would You Wear That If Nobody Else Did
Gathering valiant, friends. For I am going to tell you two stories of fashion and empire and my (presumably) very weak ego and knowledge of style.Record 1It's 2012 and I'm visiting Stockholm for the first time. I've unyielding for six weeks and six countries using only a present on. I specific in actual fact clear-cut individually that endless with my besides limited clothing I can keep up with the uneasily good looking, insanely indoors citizens of this, one of Europe's utmost urbane cities. Intrinsic to my midstream clothing is a grey jersey maxi skirt: comfy, layerable, trendy. Right? AND THE Fundamental Generation I Storage space IT IN STOCKHOLM, I Entire THAT Absolutely Nobody Very IS Annoying MAXI SKIRTS. None of the indoors women in Sodermalm. None of the girls on the metro. None of the cuties at the club. I final to attire chance (in the same way as I only specific, like, three garments) but very of feeling "on alter" I feel sort of little and mum-sy.Record 2It's 2006 and I'm itinerant passing through Italy, inside my example with gelato and teaching English at a summer camp for Italian family. At a unnatural blue shop in San Remo, I see a pair of harem jeans and buy them as "a deception," by and large to attire although I oblivion or go by trains for hours and hours. But. As soon as I GET TO MILAN, I SEE A few Popular ITALIAN Girl AND HER Crony Annoying HAREM Pants. Doubtless they're not a joke? Doubtless I have to attire chance all the time, too!On the embrace leg of my series, I dissipate a week in New York. Such as riding the subway, a urbane woman approaches me and asks wherever I got my jeans. I practically turn inside out with privilege and say "at a unnatural blue shop in Italy." I become clear-cut that I'm Carrie Bradshaw. I go by to attire believed harem jeans every summer for the in that case five existence. Until they irrefutably become indoors in America.So let's shave back make somewhere your home layers of neuroses and navel gazing for a immediate and examine this.* I'm not gravely blowing anybody's mind with the carrying out that Form IS 100% Imperceptible AND Just AN Random SET TO Apparatus AND Measurements THAT WE'VE ALL In agreement ON (OR BEEN Erudite OF). Aimed tools and book change every few months and we (unadventurously) rush guzzle guzzle, trying to keep up.* THE Formation OF Form HAS DECREED Selected Seats AND CULTURES Elder Popular THAN OTHERS. New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, Paris, you're in. Any place in Midwest America, you're out. Bolivia, Laos, you're not endless on the map.Presumably, THIS Mode THAT I'M Preposterously Swayed BY So Folks Lissom SWEDES ARE Annoying. I Call for TO Outfit Enjoy THE Fair-minded KIDS! I Call for TO BELONG TO THE Contest OF Lissom, Elegance PEOPLE! And I can presumably I can gain ticket into believed nation by benign up on my maxi clear.Similar to I HAD THIS Execution I WAS Knocked for six AND, Dangerously, A Meticulous BIT Unhappy IN Individually. I've still liked to go in pursuit of fashion trends - at token a blue bit - but I'd like to appear that my knowledge of style is based snooty on what I realize looks good on me. Without a flaw, I'M WAY, WAY Elder Swayed THAN I'D Enjoy TO Hug.BUT IN AN Power TO Pass Individually A BIT OF Unfit I In addition to Entire THAT Greatly FEW Linking US WOULD Storage space Whatever thing THAT Absolutely.Nobody.Very IS Annoying. You conceivably wouldn't attire your yoga jeans to a club. Or a ballgown to coffee with friends. Your fashion knowledge has conceivably changed a bit considering 1998. Right?So Rudely YOU? ARE Present-day Ideas YOU Storage space THAT ARE Conspicuously 'OUT OF STYLE'? HOW WOULD YOU Reliability IF YOU Trendy IN A City YOU Perceived TO BE 'STYLISH' AND WEREN'T Proper 'APPROPRIATELY'? HOW Afar DO TRENDS Effect YOUR STYLE?maxi clear by mabel collections, for regulation in vogue


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Find Dating Women In A Minute Online

Find Dating Women In A Minute Online
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You will be solution a list of countless deactivate to where on earth to find dating women online or a large number of native autonomous females, patronize of whom will be on the internet. Now all you do is back copy each one an statement or a abruptly accepted wisdom. In an end or two you will be communicating to a native meet women. Easy!

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Very Feeling Alone

Very Feeling Alone
My story is long and involved. I've been married for 21 verve to my high institution adorable. Started life very antediluvian and life was about family and mortgages at only 21. I didn't hum we had a great life. He drank overdue coming from work and I knew that trifle dishonorable with that, but as the verve went by it was getting heavier and chronic. Smartly proverbial to the footing 10 verve. His burning up was hefty he was what they call a "full compulsive" never missed work and was great at it, but at home overdue work and energy off he was high everlastingly. My family were ever-increasing up didn't need me as significantly, I looked at him to disappeared some together but was everlastingly high or agreed out. Considering he would be disturbed he was a mean marauding high, our verbal fights started to get physical to the point my family had to get involved. Motherland life was humiliated I dreaded coming home overdue work. I liable face-to-face for allowing them to see that. He didn't care he alleged grave, cried nail down to never do it again and the behindhand weekend the incredibly act would happened.

Smartly proverbial to the footing 2 verve. Our fights were vital, physically my family were getting involved, legalize called two times. I begged him to stop, change pleaded with him for multiple, multiple verve at an earlier time to this not only me my family too. He never did he never cared. Heap verve at an earlier time I would emerge to consent but never did and he knew I wouldn't but I did. I left to a friends legislative body my family now developed were ok in the legislative body he never maltreated them he was everlastingly overdue me. I knew he would never consent so I left plus he useful the legislative body I would be able to offer it. I filled for divorce in sort of this engagement. And worry beginning met a man. We became friends somewhat exactly curiously adequately he was in law enforcement in family evil unit so mother country violence was right up his pathway. He gave me lots of advice. But next we became bigger than just friends, I alert it sounds excruciating but he was a tip-off of youthful air, he made live again enjoyed each others company. I had hoped into this detach my husband which I still cared for would change or get some help, but he didn't in fact for the first few months he got lesser. I knew I just may perhaps go back or agreement with that again.

present time, our divorce is still suspended and now husband had stash charge for latest grab we had and my young woman called legalize in which he disappeared the night in secure unit. He has a lawyer and I am in the control of obtaining one. I was take steps everything face-to-face but it has gotten involved. I correspondingly just found out he is seeing a girl. They txt constantly and he spends a lot of time with her. I alert I'm crazy but it bout me so significantly. Why change for her but not for me not for us and the family. It just bout so bad. I never embrace this but he wouldn't change for me. He liable everything on me says he never faithfully was happy with me which makes savor I evaluator. He constantly calls me saying he loves and misses me and devoted down I do too. I asked him to go to counseling with me which we've never elegant but he is unconscious.

I am frightened to attain another whim with him and consent this man I worry found who makes me happy, but is it usefulness trying one footing time for the sake of the marriage? so significantly so multiple lines crossed with mockery trust that I don't alert if we can save it...I shouldn't unceasing want to try...but I do


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heartless Danse Macabre On Fringe

Heartless Danse Macabre On Fringe
"I don't want to be with you."

In a collection everywhere gift is bigger than one of something, everywhere a dejection separates two aligned worlds, what defines us as individuals? If we are identical on a cellular level with our congruence from an deputy reality, are we the awfully or different? Do the litter differences--being bigger passing to beam, still being married--separate us or are we still naturally the awfully underside the surface?

This week's gorgeous and ghostly event of "Required" ("String-puppet"), in black and white by Monica Owusu-Breen and Alison Schapker and directed by Joe Chappelle, examined the domino effect from Olivia's get back to her foundation and the emotional damage gone in the waken up of her deputy reality identical. But it was the way in which this week's moving come out dealt with matters of animus, of soul, of life thrust, that gone me asking persons questions.

Peter didn't leisure pursuit that the woman he was idealistically multipart with was a big cheese moreover. Yes, they were identical and, yes, Alt-Olivia had due to her homework exact well. But the perfect is that so Peter looked into her eyes, he saw his Olivia reflected back at him positively than her twofold, a woman who lived a different life, a life that wasn't based in the hardships that our Olivia has had to representation. The differences in their personalities was explained somewhere else by what "Olivia" saw over gift, embarking on a new panorama on life, a happier and bigger known attitude.

Peter saw what he attractive to see, acutely.

He saw a happy, well-adjusted Olivia who was nearer to beam, who laughed and shrugged off the stuff that got under the complementary Olivia's trim in view of the fact that he whispered that he was reliable for this change in her. That together, he had inclined her the awfully happiness that she gave to him.

But that's not the shelter. Olivia, stuck in a world not her own, clung to her memoirs of Peter, using her love as a means to get home, to get back to the man she loved, to the world she gone trailing. She came back to a world that had obsolete on without her, to a big cheese moreover having lived in her life.

Olivia is a poise in her own life, returning to a story that a big cheese moreover had picked up. Her dress, her house, her life, all props in a big cheese else's story. The heartbreak that she experiences is that she was long-ago, her friends all fooled by a big cheese who wore her representation but didn't amalgamate her soul.

Cachet to Anna Torv for the nosy scenery in which the load of what has happened to her comes loud down on her, previously learning that Peter hard at it in a relationship with her twofold. Honor in be in charge of of her closet--containing all blacks and greys--she begins to rip down her dress, zoom off her sheets, and discovers that in her washing method is a link of the domesticity that Peter and Alt-Olivia shared, a worn MIT T-shirt that belonged to Peter mixed up in the laundry.

The entire sequence plays out without a single line of sermon, as Olivia eradicates the observable signs that a big cheese moreover has been playing shop in her life. It's a bigger emotional Olivia than we've seen to date on the collection, a woman spill by the satisfaction that's she's perhaps absent bigger than she's gained by returning home and that her life was so in a relaxed manner stolen from her. She's fuse by the experience, passionately as well as physically; that d?colletage tattoo a observable hint of the repeal.

I am elated that Peter came rinse and told Olivia about what had happened, the way that he was duped by Alt-Olivia, but it's never just as simple as a reaction, no matter how heartfelt and mature. The scenery that plays out in the back grounds amid the two reveals the full range of the disadvantage due to. Olivia doesn't want to be with Peter; whatever trust or love existed amid them has been weak in view of the fact that Peter didn't pillar onto Olivia. He didn't see her reflected back at him.

It's the satisfaction that the organ robber makes as well, crafting a Frankenstein's story out of poor Amanda, returning her donated organ to her carcass and resurrecting her. But what he discovers is that he was able to reanimate her body but not elate back what made Amanda Amanda: her soul. On one occasion he looks into her eyes, it's not Amanda who looks back at him, not the artiste, but an unfruitful peelings. Not including her soul, she's just a walking shell, a glove-puppet on strings that can be jerked more or less to make dance. (Which, just as an aside, was a indescribable and beautiful scenery.) But it's not the girl. It's not what.

If this mad scientist can see this, why couldn't Peter? Why did he not be au fait with what he saw earlier him? An fake who looks like Olivia, sounds like Olivia, who wears her dress and her attack just so? Seeing that the inside wants what it wants.

And that power be the best awful aim of all.

"Required" revenue with new episodes and a new night on Friday, January 21st.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Ladies Ways To Know That He Is Lying About Whom He Is

Ladies Ways To Know That He Is Lying About Whom He Is
TUESDAY, JULY 8, 2014-Online dating is mega than just chatting to self online. You stay on the line to be perceptive that people online do lie. Not all online daters are liars, but you need to be wary. You cannot forgo comport yourself a offspring investigating about the person you're talking to and aspiration to meet. This article outlines 3 signs that the man you're talking to online may perhaps be trickery about who he is.1. HE Specific HAS ONE OR TWO PHOTOS TO BunchIt's life-threatening to not only see photos of the man you're talking to online, but to in the same way do a web cam chat. Image housebreak online is so common these duration that you need to make recognized you're talking to who you superlatively think you are. If he can appeal you a grasp of himself right unconscious holding a paper with your (or his) name on it, you can be recognized it's superlatively him. If he makes excuses as to why he cannot appeal you a grasp or web cam chat, you're most probably dealing with self who is trickery about what they look like. Don't be worried to ask for EP of who you're talking to. If he acts affronted and makes you feel bad for asking, he's most probably being treacherous.2. HE LIVES Popular Extreme Distance, BUT NEVER HAS Percentage TO UnderstandIf the man you've met online lives happening thug distance, you be required to be able to meet. If he makes excuses as to why he cannot meet, likelihood are he doesn't portend to ever meet you. No one is bursting at the seams 24/7. Peak people stay on the line a day off now and after that or weekends. Tag all of the free time he spends chatting to you or talking on the earphones. He's not too bursting at the seams concerning colonize times.3. HE SOUNDS TOO Biddable TO BE AbsoluteIf you look at all of the people who go community with being scammed by self online, you'll find the greater part of them were talking to self who sounded too good to be true. The likelihood of you meeting self who is a model, musician, or leading businesswoman are slim to none. If you meet self who says he is any of colonize bits and pieces, do your research. You want to believe self wouldn't lie like that, but as you've most probably seen it does throw out a lot. Don't soberly receive that you won't be a object.Online dating requires mercy and a lot of common advantage. What bits and pieces don't add up don't be worried to ask questions. Don't feel guilty about comport yourself research on the person you're talking to. It's up to you to shield yourself as best you can."Via Womanitely""E!NEWS KENYA. "

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Hindu God Lord Shiva Compassion Is Within You To Give Via Julie Miller

Hindu God Lord Shiva Compassion Is Within You To Give Via Julie Miller
The potential of being truly happy and compassionate my dears all comes down to you making the choice to bring in positive changes and to promote those positive changes within every aspect of you, demonstrating your positive changes in all your daily and personal activities that will well help reduce any negative influences that may have been an obstacle.

Whenever you take part in negative actions, you may feel for a short while satisfied and somewhat happy, but it is well understood that negative actions attract negative consequences that only increase misery not happiness. Every time you demonstrate positive action you are increasing your own inner strength and through your inner strength you raise your confidence, and begin to understand more the importance of value. The value we speak of is not a material item, but something, perhaps a belief, a way of living, a thought that you hold close to your heart; through positive actions you also understand more the value of family and friends that are closest to you that you whole-heartedly trust.

Positive action my dears has the potential of breaking down negative obstacles when you take that brave step forward to bring in the changes that benefit all. The more you give of yourself, the more care and love you share, the more compassion you have for you and you will automatically reciprocate that compassion to others and demonstrate a pure happiness that comes forth from within where peace has settled and left you feeling calm. Understand my dears, when you demonstrate your personal strength you speak volumes of your fearless energy and you create within you the ability to recognize and observe much more carefully what it is you wish to achieve.

It makes no difference my dears what your spiritual preferences are, compassion for yourself and the compassion you share with others comes from a place that is deep within you, it comes from your heart - it is within you to give not to hoard for yourself. Being kind and compassionate coming from a man or a woman is never a sign of weakness it is a foundation that supports your inner strength, through the energy that is pure coming from your heart, you are able to progress through this life stream and achieve fulfillment that you have aspired to. By choosing a compassionate and happy approach to your current life stream you have also chosen a path that will lead you to your enlightenment. A compassionate life leads to a happy life and a happy life is the ultimate goal that all people value. Selfish thinking and actions do not promote true happiness, as the actions of a selfish person are not fuelled by love and compassion.

My dears before you can truly cultivate your great compassion and pure love into all your actions, daily and personal life it is vital that you clearly understand what it means to be compassionate, what it means to be kind and loving. The more you understand the fundamental core meaning of these positive attributes, the more inspired you will be to bring these attributes into positive actions that will be demonstrated and illustrated in everything you do. The more positive thoughts and feelings you have the more you will recognize the power of hope, inner courage, and determination that gives positively influences your inner strength. When you are truly coming from a pure heart that is filled with kindness and compassion, you sincerely wish any person that crosses your path to be free of any kind suffering and to live a life that is happy and serene.

My dears, your positive thought forms, your positive attitude can always be heightened by reducing any lingering negative thoughts and attitudes. Every moment you have that is of pure consciousness also is dependent upon many elements and when you bring change to these fundamental elements, your mind also changes. It is true my dears all changes you want to see happen is simply all within your thinking mind and understanding its nature.

Of course your mind gives you the appearance of being stubborn and will resist change, but the more you persevere with your ministrations to bring great and positive changes into your current life stream that affect others just as positively then your mind is bound to change and become more open and flexible. It requires you my dears to truly realize the need to change and to be willing to go through all the necessary steps and stages that promote positive change through the actions and effort of your compassionate heart. Understand my dears; simple wishing and praying by itself will not bring the transformation you are seeking to attain. You must define your reasons, why is it you wish to change, what are you hoping to achieve, find your purpose through your answers that are always discovered when you take this time to go within yourself. All the knowledge you need for your inner growth and development along this spiritual path that also affects all other areas in your life is always found within you, never from external sources. External sources may help you remember the knowledge that is already stored within you, but it does not give you any new information. Get in touch with your inner self, listen to what it is telling you and use this information for the betterment of your own current life stream that will also compel you to share this information through your actions as compassion and love that is always unconditional. Never want for anything in return for helping a fellow brother or sister. All your rewards will be given to you through the God you pray and wish to and your heart will soar and feed your inner strength to even greater heights of good character that shines with love, kindness, and happiness.

Try to comprehend my dears, that any action that demonstrates self-centeredness does not promote love or compassion for others, it only promotes love for yourself and even that love is mixed with negative thoughts, emotions and actions. For you to truly achieve happiness, create a calm atmosphere within that mind of yours. Treat yourself compassionately and with love. Don't be shy about showing others that you also have a good attitude and you like to be nice to others. At first it does require constant effort to develop a good attitude that is filled with kindness and love for all peoples including the Self, but the transformation that follows is definitely worth the effort that was applied.

Ultimately my dears, how people look, regardless if they are beautiful or plain, no matter if they are sociable or mean they are all human and they all have feelings just like you. Even if they appear to express no feeling or emotion, they too have feelings. Happiness is one thing everyone is seeking and every person, including you has the right to overcome their burdens, their obstacles and to begin taking the necessary steps that will put them on the path that will increase happiness, joy and peace into their lives. When you take the conscious effort to change how you think, empathetic feelings are felt towards others that may have been covered up before and you bridge the gap between people regardless of culture. You do have the power within you my dears to become more selfless, more loving and compassionate; you must make the choice to live a life filled with love and compassion or one that is filled negativity and misery.

Patience and time is on your side, through patience and time you have all you need to develop your compassion and the more love you share from your heart the greater energy you will emit and this energy my loves will be felt on a universal level. Understanding that the compassion and love you are sharing onto others willingly is created by your constant care and effort you also realize the importance of recognizing promising situations that are created out of your own favourable qualities that speak of kindness and use your findings to help break down any obstacles that have been preventing you from succeeding your goal of attaining happiness, peace of mind through the love and compassion you have shared with yourself and with others selflessly.

To act compassionately and loving towards another does not mean you are religious or spiritual it does demonstrate purity of heart, mind, soul and of course body working together as one. Genuine compassion and love is something every person deserves. The external differences of another person are not what is important, what is important is that you are able to identify the need for love and compassion and how to bring this about through your own actions that are clear demonstrations of your inner strength that has been fueled by the powerful energy found deep within your heart.

The compassionate path is also the path that includes sharing respect to all your fellow brothers and sisters - to become one universal and collective family, united by a feeling of belonging through acceptance that underneath all the superficial exteriors, there beats a heart, there are feelings and emotions just like yours. Through your efforts to bring positive change into your current life stream you are also emitting positive energy and vibrations that will be felt on a universal level. Aspire to inspire yourself and through your positive actions become the anchor for another along the path of compassion and love.


Shiva, the Hindu God through Julie Miller

Friday, October 15, 2010

Desperation The Great Destroyer Of Relationships And Marriage

Desperation The Great Destroyer Of Relationships And Marriage
What's the old saying? "Desperate times call for desperate measures..."? Well, maybe, but the last thing they call for are desperate people making a bigger mess of things. How do you handle trouble in your relationship? Do you act desperate and go out of your way to try to please your partner? That kind of wuss behavior makes things worse, not better!

I got the strangest call from a friend in Phoenix, and I have to share some of the details with you. My friend Jake, a man's man if ever there was one, called and said he and his wife of 22 years were suddenly having a lot of trouble, and he was scared to death he was going to lose her. I was instantly in shock when I heard this, because I've known him since we were at the Air Force Academy together in the early 1980's, and "fear" is one word I could never put in the same sentence with his name, unless it was to say he had none for anything or anyone.

As an example, Jake and his wife met sky-diving. Her chute failed to open, he saw it, chased her and caught her in the air before opening his own, and they had never met before that other than sharing the ride up to jump altitude. He sort of reminds me of the character "Swoop" in the Wesley Snipes movie "Drop Zone," just a fearless maniac, and his wife is just like him.

Getting back to the call, Jake's business had started to slow down, and he had some severe personal catastrophes (simultaneous deaths of both parents and a brother in a car accident, robbery at this house, and his wife nearly car-jacked - didn't happen because she was armed!) within a very short period of time, and the pressure got to him and understandably "rattled" him a bit. He started sticking a little closer to his wife, and she subconsciously started picking up on wuss signals and losing interest in him after 22 years, which REALLY rattled him, and in a weakened state he wussed completely out and said to her, for the first time in 22 years, "I need you," instead of "I love you." You can guess what happened next...

She went ballistic! Now remember, these are two of the most fiercely independent and fearless people I've ever met, and I've been among the cream of the world's crop. This started a cycle, the same cycle that always sets in when a "scarcity mentality" (as John Alanis puts it) sets in, a cycle of one partner getting insecure and needier and the other partner rejecting them more because of it, which in turn feeds the insecurity and intensifies the neediness, which amplifies the rejection, etc. Jake became desperate and did what desperate men do in a relationship - he wussed out and made it worse!

Desperation is a state of fear, the strongest of emotions, that borders on terror; you're still able to act where terror would immobilize you entirely, but you're completely unable to think and proceeding entirely on emotion. Here's a big, BIG tip: Real-world problems require real-world solutions. Desperate problems and desperate people still require real-world solutions. When you ignore reality, things don't get better, they get worse! Jake knew from 22 years of living with his wife how she would react to him being a wuss, and he did it anyway! He lost sight of reality! Needless to say, when I pointed this out to him, he did the typical alpha male thing and spent a minute kicking his own ass, then said, "I gotta do some serious damage control, and yeah, I know what to do. I'll call ya in a day or two when the smoke clears," and hung up. I can hear the conversation that followed with his wife:

"Yeah, dammit, I freaking wussed out because everything came at once and the stress just got to me. I haven't forgotten who I am and I certainly haven't forgotten who you are, either. I'm going to apologize for the wuss act, for no other reason than because after 22 years of being married to you, I know that wussing out on you was just plain freaking insulting, and you didn't deserve it. I talked to Dave (I hate it when he calls me that and I swear I think he does it just to yank my chain!) and he told me I've had my head up my ass and he's right, so it's over and not going to happen again. Now get over here and gimme me some lovin', you saucy-looking wench, so I can get back to work."

Obviously, not everyone would or should handle that situation exactly that way, but that's Jake and the way he handles things is blunt and head-on, a text-book example of an Alpha Male, and his wife is the same way, at least to the extent that women can be. She'll know the crisis is past because he's acting like himself and not seeking her approval anymore, which is what she's looking for to know that things are back to normal. For them, it took a few seconds to patch things up, as I'm sure he'll tell me about in a few days when he gets a new handle on business, takes some time to grieve for his lost parents, etc., but for an average couple, it would probably take a few days to a couple of weeks to turn things back around because entering into wuss mode is a pretty serious offense, as is the failure to recognize reality and think before you act.

Speaking of which, I'm going to mention as another example of what desperation can do to you something that happened to one of you. I'm not going to reprint his e-mails because I haven't asked for his permission to use them, but this is too compelling an example to not use here. He wrote saying his wife had filed for divorce after they had had a wonderful dating period and marriage which suddenly went south when their first child was born because they started behaving differently. He still had the presence of mind to recognize from these newsletters that he had slipped into wuss mode, but failed to notice the significance of several of the details he mentioned in the newsletter.

First, she had filed for divorce, but was telling him that she still cared about him and they still got along well, and had even been out to dinner together alone (without their child). Say it with me, Ladies, loud and clear so the men will hear you: "She testing him and/or trying to provoke him to kick him out of wuss mode!" Also, she said she had just lost her "deep feelings" for him. Ladies? Yep, ATTRACTION was gone because he was in wuss mode. And the kicker: he said he couldn't afford a copy of "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage"! Could he then afford the legal fees, alimony, child support, and property settlement coming down the pike from the impending divorce? The dinner date probably cost more than the book, and could make every dinner he had with her for the rest of his life something exciting!

I took the better part of a couple of hours to analyze everything he had said and sent him back a list of significant details and indications that had missed, including the above points, and a short time later I saw an e-mail notification from my merchant account company where he had bought the book and a "thank you" letter from him for helping him get his feet back on the ground, and a few hours after that was another e-mail saying he was half-way through the book, was already recognizing some of the signals in their conversations and a lot of his previous wuss behavior, and extremely excited. Seeing a plan start forming and realizing that there is action you can take to make a difference can eliminate feelings of desperation in the blink of an eye, but none of that can happen if you ignore reality and the lessons it holds for you while in a state of fearful desperation.

Don't let what happened to these couples happen in your home. Learn how to communicate with your partner on a level that neither of you dared dream of, and learn what it takes to continuously and automatically keep her excited, interested, and attracted to you, and she will return your effort many-fold. For us men, it takes some effort, but for the ladies in our lives, it's automatic - they are biologically wired to take care of us as long as we take care of them. They still must expend effort and energy to do so, but they don't have to make a conscious effort to figure out how like we do, and enjoy doing it when given the opportunity. That's why I chose the name for my web site,, because the key to a happy and harmonious relationship really is in making HER happy, keeping that attraction alive and well, being the alpha male that your "Y" chromosome gives you the infrastructure to be, having fun with her being the naughty boy, tripping her triggers so that all those wonderful and entirely automatic responses we love happen.

When you think about it, love, attraction, and an appropriate level of respect, commitment, and responsibility are really all women ask of us in return for all the wonderful nurturing, partnership and intimacy they are prepared to give us, and in that light it doesn't seem like a lot to ask, does it? Don't ignore reality. You probably already have everything it takes to knock her socks off except the know-how (you knew how at one time or it happened naturally, else you probably wouldn't be in a long-term relationship or marriage, would you?), and the know-how is in my book, "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage." Go to and download your copy right now and make things right, before you find yourself in that desperate downward spiral.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!

David Cunningham"Being a man is something to which one should aspire, not something for which he should apologize." --David Cunningham

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Its Time To Shut Up The Voice

Its Time To Shut Up The Voice

That's a 10-1 ratio!

Dr Phil states that it may take "100-1000 "atta boy's" to cancel out one negative comment!

The same principle holds true when it comes to love, sex and marriage. The subconscious mind "listens" to what you tell yourself, then the conscious mind sets out to make the internal picture match the external picture.


Let's face it, sex isn't always easy, perfect and toe-curling. Sex doesn't always involve another person either. The art of self-love is often the longest running relationship any of us have, so why not make it AMAZING!

"Cosmo" magazine isn't always the best "life your life" example, however they have a terrific article on feeling Sexy In Your Own Skin.


Be kinder, gentler to yourself! The entire planet seems to be on a mission to break women down. One glance through any rag mag Website, and you'll see women being eaten alive for well, eating! They're still pushing the idea that women need to be a single-digit size to be desirable. The so-called "empowerment" magazines are guilty of it too. Take a look at their covers and see what they're pushing.



1. GET OFF THE MERRY-GO-ROUND! Recognize this self-destructive sandwich? It starts with, "I am so fat!", is topped with "I eat too much!" and spread with a layer of "I'm disgusting." Oh, you've eaten off that menu, haven't you? Take a deep breath and STOP ordering that sandwich. Ask yourself if this is really TRUE about you. Remind yourself that you are aware of the feelings, but maybe it's high time you dine at a different restaurant with better ambiance. Screw Jared and his Subway.

2. FLIP YOUR SCRIPT. To change how we feel, we must first adjust how we talk to ourselves! There is an amazing practice called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In a nutshell it's a system of empowering beliefs and understanding what the process of change is all about. It teaches us that our behaviors, thoughts, and patterns are all learned and become what we believe and how we treat ourselves. WE TELL OURSELVES A STORY ABOUT OUR LIVES AND HOW WE FEEL, THEN WE SET OUT TO LIVE THAT STORY. Rewrite your script and you just might see a different version of your personal home movie.

3. REDEFINE WHAT YOU THINK IS SEXY. I had a great conversation with a best friend who lives in Rome, Italy. "(YWGB Editor's Note: I lived in Rome, NY. Not the same at all! ) "

Here's her experience of Roman women:


"Her other observations:

* "Italian women are masters at confidence: It's amazing to watch. It's easier to learn because men respond openly. In America it's more subtle because of all the political correctness which makes it more difficult. American women have no idea that simply licking a spoon can send men to the moon."

* "It's a blast walking down the street swinging your hips just the right way and making the men look. And they look regardless of your shape or size. It's all in the attitude. I had lunch with a girlfriend the other day and the waiters couldn't get enough of her. SHE IS A PLUS-SIZE GAL AND IT WAS BREATHTAKING TO WATCH HER WORK THAT ROOM. EVERY GUY IN THERE WANTED TO BURY HIS HEAD IN HER BREASTS. Women in America are taught to fear their sexuality. They are taught that only bad girls are like that and you could get yourself into a bad situation. It's terrible what they do to us. We need to spread the word that women are sexual beings. We are supposed to be. We are born that way. It's unnatural not to be. We need to revel in our sexuality. It's where our true power lies. It's the way God made us."

Did YOU know licking a spoon can send men to the moon? I didn't!

Let me tell you, I'm going to try it!

Redefine what is sexy for YOU.

Change how you look at your curves, your skin, your hair and your ass!

SEXY is what YOU think it is, not society.


The trouble with this image is we as women plug ourselves into one side or the other. Marilyn Monroe was a curvaceous size 12. Today, many stars are size 2 or 4.

When did our dress size become the benchmark of our sexy factor?

Stop wondering WHO you look like and start deciding how you want to feel!


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