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Pr04 102801 Lipsey

Pr04 102801 Lipsey


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New Book of Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts

NEWARK, NJ - October 28, 2004 /Send2Press Newswire/ -- Author Rudolph Lipsey announced today the publication of his first book, "Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts" (ISBN 0-9755942-0-6). Lipsey has been inspired by so many loving and caring people, this mind-soothing book is a work of art, it will take your perspective on life to another level -- not down, but up. This book touches you in a helpful and God giving way, to strengthen your life, marriage, family, relationship, struggles or whatever dilemma that might arise in your journey through this awesome yet wicked world.

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"The reason I've written this book was to help someone." said Lipsey. "I'm so grateful and humble, thanking the Heavenly Father for giving me the gift to write and express my deepest thoughts and concerns. I've come to realize that it's truly better to give, any day, than to receive. Life is very short, so live and enjoy it in a respectable and honest way."

About The Author

Rudolph Lipsey, 42, is a life long resident of Newark, New Jersey, who is the Author and Self Publisher of his book. At the age of seventeen he discovered his gift of writing, which was indoctrinated from his father, the late Mr. Rudolph Lipsey Sr., and his Grandmother Mrs. Joan Thomas. He grew up around the toughest neighborhoods in the City of Newark. He survived many of life's ups and downs, to become a good man, a strong father, consummate husband, productive member of society, and a proud member of the Greater Harvest Baptist Church, under the guidance of Pastor Luke Davis.

His poems are truly from the heart, defining Life, Love, Peace, Joy, and Happiness. Rudolph Lipsey writes from the spirit.

Here's Are Some of The Topics in "Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts":

Amercia War In The Desert

Dear God

Feeling Good

Getting Through The Storm

Giving Up

If God Went On Strike Today

Life Is Short

My Adorable Wife

Peace Instead Of War





The Aftermath Of 9-11-01

The Days

The Definition Of Life

The Mind, Heart, And Spirit

The Youth Of Today


and Much More....


No matter how hard life gets

You must keep fighting and never quit

We all have to endure the ups and downs

It's a part of being lost and found

When you give your all in a game

Win,lose or draw there's no need to feel shame

The time will come for you to compete

Step up to the plate and feel the heat

Every soul has that burning desire

God grants us blessing to reach even higher

"Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts" (ISBN 0-9755942-0-6) by Rudolph Lipsey is 112 pages, 6x9, paperback.

To purchase by mail, please send $12.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling, check or money order, to: Rudolph Lipsey (Books), Uplifting Poems Publisher, P.O. Box 13155, Jersey City NJ. 07303.

For credit card orders, go to, look for "Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts" by Rudolph Lipsey, or a direct link is:

This is his first book. In 2005, Part 2 of "Uplifting Poems for Troubled Hearts" will be available. A novel is in the works for 2006.

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Rudolph Lipsey, Author

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The Misery Of Being Rich White And Married On Tv

Jaimie Trueblood / HBO

There was a disturbance in the force last night. Did you feel it? As if millions of voices cried out, and then were silenced? That was the sound of average American viewers, wailing and weeping into their hands over the tragic plight of the hip L.A. parents on HBOs "Togetherness". That poor couple! Michelle (Melanie Lynskey) and Brett (Mark Duplass) didnt feel like frolicking with their adorable children in their million-dollar restored Craftsman, and they didnt feel like having sex with each other under an 800-thread-count sheet in a boutique hotel room, either. No, they wanted to be back at home, binge-watching "House of Cards" on their big-screen TV. Or better yet, flirting with strangers on the street or sucking tequila shots out of nubile young belly buttons somewhere. But, oh no, they cant do stuff like that anymore, because theyre over 35 and married! Surrounded by cute children and grassy lawns and flanked by a schlubby buddy (Steve Zissis) and a tacky (see also: non-L.A.-hipster) sister (Amanda Peet), all they can see is darkness and regret. Did I mention that their local elementary school is not very good, either? Life is so cruel to upper-middle-class white people!

Welcome to the aging-hipster-parent dramedy, an awkward affair in which a gaggle of grumpy, spoiled humans endlessly curse the gods for the interminable sorrows and frustrations of their cushy domesticated existences. There have been plenty of shows recently to walk down this angsty middle-aged road -- FXs "Married", Showtimes "The Affair", NBCs "Up All Night" and "Parenthood", ABCs "Notes From the Underbelly", Amazons "Transparent". Many have redeeming characteristics -- actual plots, believable characters, scenes that feel like the best of indie film instead of the worst of it. Many of these shows also share certain flaws -- whiny overgrown children, awkwardness and spite as stand-ins for actual dialogue, moody silence as a stand-in for dramatic conflict.

But HBOs "Togetherness" represents the culmination of several bad trends in one, the apotheosis of discontented hipster-family awfulness. Created by Jay and Mark Duplass, "Togetherness" features the misadventures of four overgrown children fumbling their way through their respective midlife crises via clumsy flirtations, friend-zoning frustrations, New Age creepiness, bad sex, and most of all, unfocused self-pity. Like a grown-up version of "Girls" where instead of saying, "Yeah, I remember that," you say, "Why havent they figured this shit out by now?, Togetherness" is what you would get if you crossed a bad episode of "Thirtysomething" with a bad Judd Apatow movie, then cut out all of the jokes and made each scene last two times too long.

But who needs humor or character development or dramatic conflict when you can just send your characters to a movie premiere where they can feel bad about not mattering enough, and then harass a successful movie producer for the rest of the episode? Who needs high stakes when you can send your L.A. hipsters to the park to play kick the can with some "younger" L.A. hipsters, so theyll feel all torn up inside over the total no-fairness of being older than some other people in the world? Whats up with Taylor Swift and vaping and high-waisted jean shorts anyway, guys?

Wait, that cant be a line from "Togetherness", because even half-assed jokes arent allowed on the show. The main point of each episode seems to be to make all of the characters deeply unhappy. This means that the plot possibilities are infinite! Next time, why not have one of your characters order a sandwich that doesnt have aioli on it, like its supposed to? Why not make their washing machine break down, so then theyll have to sit in the laundromat just like regular human beings?

And maybe once your cool white L.A. mom is done flirting with a Latino charter school activist, she can conclude that sleeping with him would be way more fun than gracelessly fumbling with her passive, neurotic husband. But she cant screw the new guy just yet. First she needs to get naked and roll around with her husband until theyre yelling at each other over how challenging it is to try to have sex in an expensive hotel room instead of watching television at home. Then one of them can say, "Im not in love with having sex with the same person after 10 years, either!" and they can stutter sullenly like theyre reenacting an episode of "Tell Me You Love Me", and that way, average Americans who "dont" live in L.A. can turn off their TVs and have sex or eat a sandwich or argue or do other things that are a million times more interesting and tragic and funny than whats on their television screens.

Remember when TV shows were about average people in average places? No, not the lovable salt-of-the-earth working-class types depicted on "The King of Queens" and "Mike and Molly". Forget heartwarming lessons from blue-collar cuddle bears. The antidote to the awkward hipster dramedy plague is TV shows about grouchy, dissatisfied regular people with regular jobs and regular lives. Every day, ill-informed, dysfunctional types. You know, "reality".

Or, if you prefer, "All in the Family". Because, contrary to development executives at HBO and AMC and Amazon and everywhere else, not everyone is charmed by stories about wealthy L.A. marrieds who are super anxious about filling out their private school applications. Maybe its time to bring back characters like Archie and Edith and Sally and Meathead instead. The Bunkers never went to Hollywood premieres or played kick the can ironically. They didnt have to. They had a script that was interesting and odd and funny, and they delivered their lines in lively, unexpected ways. They even changed their facial expressions occasionally, so they didnt all look and sound like angry Muppets.

One of the things thats engaging about regular people is that they have very good reasons for their misery. They dont feel miserable simply because they cant get through their Insanity workout videos or they cant handle the inconvenient paperwork required by pricey private schools. Regular people are unhappy because their husbands are condescending, racist assholes, just for example. Theyre depressed because they cant afford their heating bill, or their son-in-law has an unkempt mustache and a beef with Nixon. Regular people go shopping at a grocery store and they accidentally let go of their shopping cart and it rolls away and a can of cling peaches dents the hood of someone elses car, and their husband is furious at them for it.

See how irritating Edith is? Thats the thing about regular people. They dont always dress well and they arent very cool but somehow they capture our interest anyway. They need help. Theyre a little nave sometimes. Theyre not exactly admirable, but its hard not to be curious about what they might say next. Even when theyre complete assholes, they win some begrudging affection from viewers. Theyre aggravating and all too familiar. Theyre like family, in other words.

Edith was always a little depressed. Why wouldnt she be? Her husband was a legitimate nightmare. Regular people are difficult, which is why regular people mostly sit around at home trying to get along with each other. They dont put on fishnet stockings and bum cigarettes from teenage skateboarders and spank their husbands out of the blue then pout when their husbands dont love it. They dont give each other pep talks that revolve around the lyrics to Rushs "Tom Sawyer" then sit in the car re-enacting the drum solo to the song together, feeling faintly reassured by how adorable they are.

Its not like absurd storylines featuring self-indulgent assholes can never work, of course. Look at Larry David. Sure, hes super rich and still depressed on "Curb Your Enthusiasm", but we understand his anger: Hes an isolated jerk who is hopelessly spoiled but only cares about himself. Fair enough! Like Archie Bunker, everyone around Larry constantly reminds him (and us) that hes a complete dick. Hell, even the characters on "Married", pathetic as they are, have clearly been built for maximum patheticness. Only occasionally entertaining, yes, but not "disturbing".

What really doesnt work is the miserable spoiled jerks of "Togetherness", who dont recognize that theyre miserable and spoiled and jerks. Trying to make lazy, whiny, wealthy, middle-aged people sympathetic isnt comedy. Its like an episode of "Desperate Housewives" without the plinky piano and the Teri Hatcher, tripping in her tall shoes.

And regular people dont summarize the sweeping themes of their lives when theyre arguing with each other. They argue about trivia, like Archie and Meathead debating how to put on your socks and shoes on every morning. They werent yelling, "I hate you!" the way the characters on "Togetherness" would. They were "actually furious" about socks and shoes. Thats Dramatic Writing 101: Dont explain every single thing your characters are going through. Let them argue about the spaghetti or the dog or the flat tire instead.

The comedic beats of that scene are perfectly timed for maximum effect. Theres not a lot of awkward dead air. And when Archie says, "Dont you know that the whole world puts on a sock and a sock and a shoe and a shoe?" hes not "just" getting worked up over nothing, hes laying out his entire worldview. "If something seems logical to me, then Im sure everyone does it, and anyone who disagrees is a giant loser." Not only do few of todays TV characters have such courage of conviction, but they rarely speak of something trivial in ways that shed a light on their driving motivation. Tony Soprano did this. Al Swearengen did it. Rust Cohle did it. Hell, even the women on "Broad City" do it sometimes. But most of the other characters on TV today tell us way too much about what theyre thinking and feeling, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Thats not interesting, and regular people dont talk that way. Regular people are rarely aware of what theyre really saying or what they really want or what it all means. Theyre blind to themselves. As Archie Bunker once said, "I aint paranoid! Why are youse all against me?" Regular characters speak in tongues, and we have to sort it out. Thats why reality TV, when its even remotely real, captures the interest of so many viewers these days. We get to do a little work to unpack what those people really mean when bizarre words come out of their mouths.

So lets stop the madness. Put some regular people on television -- some Roseannes and some Edith Bunkers. Maybe a noncriminal version of Omar from "The Wire", or a non-mob version of Carmela Soprano. Instead of "Thirtysomething" meets "Tell Me You Love Me," how about "Broad City" meets "Getting On"? Regularness is next to godliness. Why not start today? Or as Archie Bunker himself said, "You can start doing it that way tomorrow morning, and then "do it that way for the rest of your life"!"



Saturday, March 7, 2015

Barlowe And Sherley Justice In Principle And Practice

Barlowe And Sherley Justice In Principle And Practice
Whether through Facebook, Tumblr or that one African-American Studies class you took last semester, many of you have learned by now that Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy is about more than his dream where "little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers." Although the actual narrative of the Civil Rights Movement has been co-opted by eliding the more militant parts of the movement, the real story of King persists through oral histories and the counter-storytelling of black activist spaces.

King was well aware of the need to dismantle systems perpetuating economic injustice, militarism and white supremacy on the path to black liberation. Though he was a man whose actions and tendencies may have sometimes compromised the success of the movement, he nonetheless maintained a radical vision that was mostly at odds with the country that now claims to honor him with a national holiday.

Honoring King must go beyond a simple acknowledgement of his legacy, even if that acknowledgement highlights the lesser-known and more radical aspects of that legacy. Actions like the #ReclaimMLK protests around the country yesterday (which linked King's confrontational politics to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and current struggles for black liberation) are a better example of translating knowledge into meaningful action.

However, as we clamor to join the movement in the charged moments after a non-indictment or another black death, we often forget that the reasons behind our actions can, and will, affect the value and impact of our work. These events, rather than acting as catalysts for sustained organizing, frequently allow people to feel like they've contributed to the movement without making a long-term commitment. Often, actions following moments like Ferguson are driven by a feeling of "having to" respond, rather than by a broader commitment to addressing the systemic issue that the incident reveals. Responses with a lack of purpose are perhaps more harmful than inaction.

How we execute these events is just as important as why; and when carried out uncritically, they can perpetuate the oppressive systems we're trying to subvert. We have seen people center their attempts at activism on their own privileged experiences, leading to the alienation of those more marginalized in our society. At times, this means placing oneself at the center of a narrative in a way that excludes others. This selfish brand of organizing reinforces elitism and patriarchy and often prevents real solidarity. If we cannot build a movement collectively, we cannot win.

We must be intentional in every aspect of our organizing, and root it in active practices of anti-racism, anti-sexism and anti-elitism. We should support grassroots organizing efforts that empower communities to take their lives into their own hands. We should amplify their stories rather than our own. That is how we build a movement.

Even in the Civil Rights Movement, there were deep internal tensions about how best to organize. The Ella Bakers and the Bob Moseses committed themselves to a vision of freedom that valued radical democracy over immediate gains. People like King, despite valuing the grassroots organizing that drove the movement, fell into a model of top-down charismatic leadership that devalued bottom-up organizing. So while it's true that King had a radical vision for society, he didn't always work to realize that vision within the movement. He had a mixed track record in terms of cultivating the leadership of women and young people in the movement. Although he was aware of how his celebrity status could stifle the development of those around him, he failed to rectify this.

Ultimately, we believe in our communities' ability to create equitable spaces within movements for justice. The action taken both in Ferguson and across the country in recent months has been breathtaking in its ability to reclaim narratives around blackness and power in America, both visually and in terms of sheer numbers. We don't have all the answers about what meaningful action can look like on this campus. But we are hopeful that Yale can join in this historical moment with action that advances the cause of justice in its practice, as well as its principle.

"Alexandra Barlowe and Eshe Sherley, sophomore in Branford College and junior in Morse College, are board members of the Black Student Alliance at Yale. Contact them at and"


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Female Mind Mastery Returns

Female Mind Mastery Returns
Great news, everyone! Female Mind Mastery has re-opened its doors for sign-ups earlier than I had anticipated. If you haven't heard of this unique new program yet, you can head on over to to watch a free video to learn a little bit of what they have to offer.

Be sure to check out my other relevant posts about it to gain an insider's perspective:

1. My full review of Female Mind Mastery

2. My video review of Female Mind Mastery (pretty much same content as my full written review)

3. A look inside "Deep Impact," one of the program's very impressive bonus courses

4. Some other big name pickup gurus that endorse Female Mind Mastery (I forgot to mention Vin DiCarlo and Bobby Rio, but they endorse it, too!)

Female Mind Mastery is a great investment for your dating life. The best part, aside from getting way more value from this program than you'd expect, is that it is completely risk free. It's ridiculously easy to get a refund if you have any second thoughts about the program because this company has some of the best customer service I've seen in this industry. I dug deep to make sure I'm promoting something good; I have personally spoken with their representatives and established a good friendship with them in order to ensure that this is a quality program in every aspect imaginable.

As always, I wish you the best and I hope you get more than you ask for.


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Online Dating Advice For Men Email

Online Dating Advice For Men Email
Online dating can be a solution to finding a casual date or a stable relationship. Whatever you are looking for, there is one key component to ONLINE DATING ADVICE FOR MEN: EMAIL. Read on for tips on how to write emails that will guarantee you a date.


ADAM KLEIN (for the Staten Island Advance) wrote an excellent article providing tips for Staten Island men who find themselves without a date. This is what he recommends when it comes to write emails that will lead to a date (and he is a writer after all so I guess we should pay attention to what he has to say):

A rule of thumb: Keep it short. Be original. Have fun.

Men need to write messages that are unique and interesting, while still keeping the word count very short. If we can do this and make our dates laugh at the same time, we have hit the perfect trifecta.

For the first e-mail: Make one joke or playful comment in the first half of the e-mail that relates to her profile; ask an interesting question in the second half. Keep it to six sentences, max. Read the complete article here.

Next comes a key to attract women with your emails: words. Men are visual creatures. Women love words.

Women mainly feel attraction based on internal characteristics. This is why so many beautiful women in society are with men who aren't that great looking.

When women see men who appear to be leaders, alpha males, funny, in high pursuit, etc., they instantly feel an attraction without thinking about it.

And in the online world, our words must communicate these internal characteristics, since our voices and body language cannot.

When it comes to ONLINE DATING ADVICE FOR MEN, EMAIL can turn into your secret weapon to show real examples of the characteristics that women appreciate. An example would be telling funny jokes if you want to demonstrate your sense of humor.

For more online dating advice for men, check this out:

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7 Top Tips for Online Dating Advice For Men

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The Ultimate 1St Date

The Ultimate 1St Date

My life revolves around food, and not in some sick sort of way. I am not obese, but I like to cook and I love to eat, and the ambiance, of a great restaurant. A chef once told me he loves knowing he"is setting up the evening for lovers to make love after they eat his food."

That chef had a bit of an ego, but he was right, nonetheless. A great 1st date should entice the senses. People are at their best when a good atmosphere is invoked with food. Look at all the great movies: Like Water for Chocolate, Babette's Feast, Chocolate... the list goes on and on. We like our food, but we never really say it quite enough: food is an aphrodisiac, and not just oysters. Food and eating, and tasting, and smacking our lips around, and watching our date eat, and enjoy. Think about that. Food being broken down with our canines, incisors, ewww... so enticing... but this is our primal nature. So, for good God's sake, make a 1st date, women, men, who ever is the initiator of the date, it is up to you to make it powerful and use the senses to make memories because the olfactory nerves or what's going to make her/him remember you. A medical study, cited as Herz and Engen, 1996 states: "Only two synapses separates the olfactory nerves from the Hippocampus, which has implicated in memory... indeed this is why odor-evoked memories are unusually emotionally potent."

So, what's effecting your date is not so much what your wearing, she's not tasting and chewing that (or maybe if your lucky she is), she is tasting and smelling the drink and food, and the music is playing, ahhh... yes, the rhythm is going along with the food. She is remembering this while you watch her eyes glint and shine, and her mouth salivate... you are evoking all the senses to come and play... and the great complicated mind is creating a memory with smell, her brain praises you and gleans for more. She is remembering you right now... and this memory will long to make more similar memories. Science is a tricky little thing, because you forget about it, but it is always at the root of why we date in the first place, we are animals with instincts and are made up of chemicals and pheromones that respond to our environment, like a cat hunting its prey.


On a larger scale, there's a new way to find a date, purely through smell. Pheromone parties are being hosted in Los Angeles and bigger cities, getting singles to connect to their dates, purely through smell. Ahh... if the world only was that barbaric still. We'd women be clubbed, and the men, oh, the men, wouldn't be complaining much because they'd still be grunting, not talking. Evolution has provided us with details on why women and men are attracted to pheromones in choosing their mates, study show its because it prevents inbreeding, and choosing a mate who is ovulating. However, we are (hopefully) intellectually able to curb this more animalistic style of just hopping on a person who happens to just be dropping an egg. The parties that are becoming a hit in the cities, derived from a web developer named Judith Prays, who remembered a guy's smell, but not him. Mhmmm... so Prays resorted to a kind of smell whats in the bag kind of thing and found that couples were hitting it off. But mostly couples were hitting it off, because they had a funny, great icebreaker. Two people smelling dirty shirts and underwear? Doesn't get more olfactory binding than that!

Of course this is all based on an article that I just read in the Huffington Post, and have yet to do a laundry smelling party myself. However, as a chef, who is not setting the stage "for people to make love" as my chef friend said, I am more interested in creating the memory of taste and smell that evokes a certain remembrance of time, that you want to go back to. Nostalgia. I have nostalgia for the meals and wine I have partook, and the company that brought me there. It's also not just the food, taste, or smell; the brain also needs another intellectual resource to bind the memory into place. This is how we involved. We need a counterpart, a feeling of intense warmness and safe being, where one in the midst's of smelling dirty laundry or eating Brie with champagne, must feel and remember like it was home, and not dangerous. Comfort food if you will for the senses. This I believe leads to the next date...


If you have ten bucks, it's picnic time and the gods will save you with pine and eucalyptus. Many people feel down trodden about the whole picnic, outdoors thing. There's nothing more invigorating than fresh air, and once again, the olfactory nerves will remember the surrounds stronger when a person is in a natural setting, surrounded by natural smells. You want the person to remember you; a picnic with fresh fruit is all you need. Sprinkle a little Sugar on those strawberries before you go, the sugar induces the already natural sweetness in the strawberry juices. Everything, big and small matters. Get creative dating, the world is filled with smells, including, hopefully the most enticing one of all, your own.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

How To Stop Nail Biting With Hypnosis From Hypnobusters

How To Stop Nail Biting With Hypnosis From Hypnobusters
In my role as a web developer for HypnoBusters I have noticed a few certain trends recently in regards to peoples' use of hypnosis. For one many more people seem to be more comfortable experimenting with the effects of hypnosis, and once they do they often become repeat customers. Secondly our Nail Biting Hypnosis MP3 has become one of our very most popular sessions - and I think I know why.

From childhood I myself was a nail biter and it was through self hypnosis that I was finally able to put the nail in the coffin of the habit. Right there is why hypnosis has become such a popular form of treatment as a cure to nail biting, it actually works. Unlike a lot of the old wives' tales that leave you with a bad taste in your mouth (often, in this case, quite literally) hypnosis has proven to be an effective form of behavioral modification.

The way that hypnosis works is both simple and complex at the same time. In layman's terms though hypnosis helps to relax the conscious mind so that the subconscious can accept suggestions given to it by the hypnotherapist. In this case the suggestions would be made to help the client quit nail biting.

This is all well and good of course, but most people don't have the money to hire a hypnotherapist to treat a bad habit like nail biting which is unhealthy but certainly not deadly like smoking or overeating. That is where websites like HypnoBusters come in. While I run the technical side of things we have a clinically trained hypnotherapist called Jon Rhodes who digitally records real hypnosis sessions into the MP3 format. Because one of these MP3s can be sold to multiple customers it allows us to sell them at much more affordable prices. For example our Nail Biting Hypnosis MP3 is currently just 9.95.

Like any tool though it is important to use a hypnosis MP3 in the right way to maximize the results. Whenever you listen to a hypnosis session you should be in a safe environment where you feel warm and comfortable, and won't be disturbed for the duration of the session. Other than that, all you have to do is follow the hypnotherapist's instructions and you will find that the time flies by. While you are in a hypnotic trance you aren't asleep or unconscious, you are merely incredibly focused on what is being said to you. When the session is over you will feel very relaxed and probably remember bits and pieces of what was said to you. At HypnoBusters we recommend that you listen to our Nail Biting Hypnosis MP3 once a day for a period of a month. Should you ever find yourself slipping back into old habits after this period of time you can simply start the program again. Since you own the MP3 there is no extra cost to this, you can use it as much or as little as you want.

Now you know how to stop nail biting with hypnosis from HypnoBusters I hope you decide to give it a try. It really works.

Author Bio

Stop nail biting once and for all with this Nail Biting Hypnosis MP3 from HypnoBusters. If you'd like to know more about hypnosis try this hypnosis guide that's both free and easy to follow.