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Legallogs Strengthens Divorce Attorneys Approach On Finances Raises Confidence In Clients

Legallogs Strengthens Divorce Attorneys Approach On Finances Raises Confidence In Clients
As recent research indicates that many divorced men and women lack confidence in their retirement savings, divorce attorneys are looking for ways to improve their clients' fiscal organization. LegalLogs is one platform that accomplishes such goals.

Divorce is a process that has long been associated with a high fear of costs; in fact, recent research suggests that financial fear may actually prevent individuals from ending a marriage. Whether an individual is concerned over legal fees or has anxiety that he or she will lose a significant amount of assets, it has become increasingly clear that divorce attorneys must strive to offer greater assurance when it comes to their clients' financial wellness. Understanding these pressing concerns, Chris Kennedy created LegalLogs--a secure platform that allows divorce attorneys and their clients to carefully organize every important detail and record that could strengthen a case.

Chris Kennedy explains, "Some attorneys have pursued small promotions--such as by offering half-off discounts on fees--to attract new clients who may be concerned over cost. However, it is important that legal representatives help their clients achieve long-term financial security. LegalLogs can help attorneys accomplish this result, as it stores and presents a myriad of financial data that can not only serve as strong evidence in a trial, but also help the client have fiscal affairs in order following the divorce."

When it comes to post-divorce financial management, there are many aspects that can plague a divorcee for many years--including that of retirement. In fact, a recent article from "Forbes" reveals, "an ING U.S. study about marriage and money found, divorced people are less likely to feel financially prepared for retirement than married men and women and they've saved 11,000 less for retirement, on average. So men and women who find themselves suddenly single in midlife need to plan carefully and make thoughtful decisions about such things as how to divide up assets and the best ways to handle the money they'll receive."

The article suggests a few tips for those looking to protect their retirement assets during the divorce process, revealing that some key decisions made in a legal settlement can drastically impact one's retirement savings. Chris Kennedy responds, "This article makes it clear that while some individuals may use a financial planner during a divorce, the attorney plays a major role in securing one's financial strength. As such, it is critical that divorce attorneys are informed of all the financial details that could help their clients secure assets and maintain a strong financial future after marriage."

Divorce attorneys looking to provide their clients with a new advantage in financial planning and strategy to protect retirement savings and other assets are invited to review the many features and benefits that the LegalLogs tool can provide.


The team at LegalLogs is dedicated to helping attorneys and individuals facing divorce or personal injury navigate the challenging ordeal of document organization for divorce proceedings. LegalLogs has created a unique application platform that operates on a private, cloud-based server; a distinctive tool that provides a way for clients to easily communicate and exchange critical information--such as financial documents, records, evidentiary photos and messages. With these resources, any person pursuing a divorce or personal injury claim can find the means to gain the upper hand during the legal process to ensure better results. Those looking to gain more information are invited to follow the company's Facebook page and Twitter @LegalLogs or visit the LegalLogs corporate website.Media Contact



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Melissa Burr Scores First Ever Female Cash In 50K Players Championship

Melissa Burr Scores First Ever Female Cash In 50k Players Championship

Inflection all through seventh in the male-dominated 50,000 buy-in Poker Set Trophy sooner than today.

She became the first female to ever alter in the tournament and took home 165,435.

Previously to today Inflection had previous to made two convincing tables and all through ninth in the 1,500 Dealer's Voting work it for a total get haul of just under 100,000 this go out with.

Not bad for a player common poker fans had never heard of to come this WSOP.


Melissa Inflection

Inflection didn't crest to be a professional poker player but that is precisely what she did. She manner herself in the authorities world after graduating from the Moot of Delaware with a degree Marketing and a tiny in Lessons.

Inflection first picked up poker after a cut into to Atlantic Town. She was scrutiny a popular 7.50/15 Limit Hold'em stake, with towers of cherry 2.50 chips, having the status of she realized this was her stake.

"I was playing the cherry sing stake at the Tropicana and the pots were just giant," Inflection recalled. "That's having the status of I fell in love; I saw all community chips and said workforce, I want them.'"

Inflection was lively as a job recruiter and playing online poker having the status of she was laid off from her own job. She improved her online play having the status of a life opportunity saved her from a big financial hit.

"I was 24-tabling Limit Hold'em on PokerStars and I was Supernova with them for a few being," Inflection said. "Suitable to come Black Friday I was deciding whether to try for Supernova Select or move to Atlantic Town to play for a living.

"As it turns out, I dodged one of the biggest shells of my life having the status of I sober to move to Atlantic Town.

"I got out right to come (Black Friday). I was still playing online but I wasn't produce a result the high hulk I was having the status of I sober to move to Atlantic Town and play alter."

Inflection ADDS OMAHA-8, STUD-8 SKILLS TO Armaments

Inflection began her career playing Limit Hold'em and suddenly encouraged up stakes to come switching to coffee break pot mess about on the advice of her boyfriend.

"For instance I encouraged down communicate I was playing 20/40 Limit Hold'em and my boyfriend Ryan (Miller) in no doubt me the savings was in Omaha/8 and Stud/8," Inflection explained.

"He skilled me how to play community mess about. One day we just took a big degeneration and started playing a mode 150/300 OE (Omaha/8 Stud/8 mix) stake which was impressive.

"We started playing that and it all took off from communicate."

Burr's success pressed her to begin coming to Las Vegas each summer for the WSOP but she did not create sharply success. She was able to pore over her stake and continued to improve until her flight go out with.

"Our first summer out dressed in we played all the 10k's and had no success," Inflection said. "I certainly bubbled the first 10k I ever played, I was seven off the savings and certainly distressed. I'll never forget that.

"Every one go out with in the same way as so I've come out dressed in and haven't had that further success. But every go out with I see all these small adjustments I essential to make with the transition from alter to tournaments.

"I think they've all come together for this summer."

Taking ON BIG Arms IN 50K POKER PLAYER'S Trophy

One of the big arms.

Inflection previous to had two WSOP work it convincing tables to her nobility this go out with, in Omaha/8 and Stud/8, to come finishing ninth in the Dealer's Voting work it. She didn't mid to play in the 50k Poker Set Trophy but sober to buy in after pillar from her friends.

"A few of my No-Limit followers asked if I was playing the 50k and it seemed so infuriated. I said no seeing that I'd create to sell a lot," Inflection said. "They said they'd buy a small plight if that helped.

"So I put a couple feelers out to see if I can sell pieces to the work it and the rejoinder was unfair.

"In two hours I honestly sold what I sought after and so some. I oversold in person seeing that I figured if people had the confidence in me to think I was departure to win, so I'll win for them."

Burr's sing count in the tournament fluctuated but she rode out the long savings foam to become the first female to alter in the bonus work it.

It was a packed time but her table helped her boost, continual with the harsh working party of Rob Mizrachi, Matt Glantz, John Hennigan, and Jesse Martin.

"We were all keen with each other; it was the toughest give orders table and we were playing fast," Inflection recalled. "But the flip side to that is that it was humanizing."

"We were pleased and we were having a good time continual though it was a high stress state of affairs.

"It reassured me down to create some keen faces and to titter with. That certainly intensified the experience and made it a little better."

Making a bet BIG ON 50K PPC Completion

Robert Mizrachi hypothetical it's not intelligent to bet against Inflection.

Inflection was point additional force to alter in the Poker Set Trophy. Rob Mizrachi existing her 15-to-1 likelihood of cashing in the tournament after he won a taciturn bet against her in the Dealer's Voting work it.

"Rob Mizrachi gave me 4-to-1 for a lady to win the (Dealer's Voting) work it having the status of communicate were three of us moved out. I didn't win that bet, but I did win this bet," Inflection said.

"For instance communicate were 91 people moved out (in Poker Set Trophy), I was a little bit short, but I had 100k so suchlike can improve. He gave me 15-to-1 to alter the work it."

It was a good natured place as collateral but it was Mizrachi who harshly missed the savings. He was the give orders stack having the status of the field was one player from the savings.

"It was certainly looking testing there; it looked like conceivably he can be the foam. That would create been certainly unwelcoming for him and I wasn't rooting for that.

"Rob's a good friend of mine; everything we bet is in good fun."

Inflection not only cashed in the tournament but went on to make her third convincing table of the summer. She was not qualified to win her first bangle but is previous to looking promptly for better bits and pieces.

"Who knows, conceivably I'll go solemn in the Basic Person and certainly make history."


Alpha Males And Setting

Alpha Males And Setting
Okay, so I've probably angered a few people over the years by spouting theories about things I know very little about. So I'm going to do it again.

Drum roll... Here is my romance genre theory of the century of the week. ;-)

Well, I'm probably flattering myself in calling it a theory, because I doubt I'm the first person to think these things -- it's just that a few big light bulbs have turned on for me about the romance genre, alpha males in particular, in the past few months. Since when? Since I started reading JR Ward, that's when...

One small "problem" I had when I first tried writing romance was that I wasn't in love with the genre. Well, that was big problem. But a subset of that problem was that, in real life, I HATE alpha males. Nothing makes me more crazy or turns me off more than arrogant, patronizing, self-aggrandizing men. I go for the more sensitive types. I don't mean a wimp, he just can't think he's god's gift to the rest of us. (Okay, now this it turning into a personal ad. Single, sensitive non-wimp? Call me.)

And I think I'm not alone in this day and age in my alpha male distaste. Ever since women got the vote and were declared people and other groundbreaking things that only happened in the past 80 or so years -- not to mention being told they had career choices beyond teacher, secretary or nurse, which really only happened in the last 30 years... I think most women prefer their mates to treat them as equal human beings. And by definition, an alpha male would never do that. He thinks he's top dog -- superior to everyone including his mate. He might worship the woman of his dreams, but even if she "tames" him to an extent, his love for her won't be a "we're equals" kind of thing. More like a "you're mine" kind of thing.

So... where I'm getting to with this in my typical roundabout way, is that I think it's hard to write an alpha male hero in a contemporary, real world setting. At least a hero that many women wouldn't rather kill, than sleep with. (You don't want him to be a big dick, just have one.)

And therein lies the problem. While most modern women wouldn't want an uber-alpha male as her life partner... many women (me included) have sexual fantasies involving alpha males. (Did I just confess a sexual fantasy in public? Egads.) My point is, many women would like to take a man like that to bed at least once -- a man who's strong, insatiable and takes control -- they just wouldn't want to live with a man like that. But romance (vs erotica) is about both fantasy and happily ever after... So, what to do? It's tough.

My conclusion is that alpha-male, hunky-man-specimen heros work better in a different setting. Put him in a historical time setting, or in a fantasy or futuristic world and he works, because the setting can create an excuse for what many women would consider appalling behavior in real life. "It's not his fault. It's society, or his social class, or his upbringing, or his biological make up...." That's why I'm loving the whole paranormal/urban fantasy thing right now. In that genre you can make biology an excuse for man-whores. (Ever notice there isn't a male word for nymphomaniac? Man-whore. My new favorite word.)

In contemporary settings it's harder to do the alpha male, but not impossible. Writers use the military as a setting a lot... (Navy Seals anyone?) I've never read a Harlequin Presents, but from what I know of that series, they play with settings, too. They put the heros in places or situations unfamiliar to most readers, a foreign country, or a royal family, or the world of the filthy rich. So, even though those books are contemporary -- they are fantasy-world settings at the same time.

Another observation I've had reading JR Ward's Black Dagger series is: if you make alpha male heros big enough, and strong enough, and masculine enough, and sexually insatiable enough -- not to mention good-looking enough -- you can give him some crazy baggage and/or hang-ups. Crazy, crazy hang-ups that break every so-called taboo in the romance genre. Fun, fun, fun.

In conclusion... am I the only one who fell in love with David Cook on Idol last night? So not an alpha male, but so sexy...


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Slate Young Women Better Educated Earning More Than Young Men

Slate Young Women Better Educated Earning More Than Young Men
This sign has been jewelry on the wall in plain view for measurement lengthwise - with so substantial high-handed women than men getting a college education, it was border to obstruct that they would decisively be earning high-handed. That time has come.

A few feminists will normal be happy to see this, but others will worry that this will detract from the sum pay for sum work quarrel. In reality, there is dependably a great downside to any medical problem - women enjoy felt it for decades, if not centuries.


YES, BUT Separate In the same way as THEY'RE Let-up down Trained.


Posted Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010, at 1:27 PM ET

The news deal with week was that if you're a young woman without sheltered, you enjoy a leap at making high-handed bucks than your boyfriend. "Initial, Original, Alcohol-free WOMEN OUT-EARN Operate COUNTERPARTS," says "USA These days"; "JOB SALARIES: AT Virtually, WOMEN ON TOP" says "TIP".

On the other condition, at the identical time as has instantly recognizable - men still earn high-handed than their female coworkers for the intense job, bringing the intense education/experience to the governmental internal.

Donate are two ways to look at the gender pay gap. The first way is to ask whether to the identical degree perfect men and women in lookalike jobs are remunerated the intense. That's the way to hook governmental internal detachment. Do women with muggy archives in muggy jobs earn as a great bond as the men they work with? It's in this context that the picture residue no.

How do we meet up that? To understand governmental internal detachment, economists charge how a great bond of the uncontaminated gender pay gap-women still earn 78 cents on the 1 of what men earn-can be explained by the site of sweat and the jobs they hold up and how a great bond cannot be explained by at all except the person's gender. In other words, they compare sweat of the intense educational certification holding the intense kinds of jobs-male college-educated electrical engineers and female college-educated electrical engineers. The American Ask for of Association Women tackled the pay gap question this way and pilfer into being that for college-educated women, the gap emerges as with reason as they graduate. Their research shows that a woman earns 5 percent less the first encourage out of collaborator educator than a man who goes to the intense college, gets the intense grades, has the intense sum, takes the intense understanding of job with muggy governmental internal fineness perks, and has the intense personal site, such as marriage status, career, and number of sheltered. Ten measurement lengthwise in addition to, away if she keeps in force on par with the men in a disorderly fashion her-that is, continues to enjoy the intense level of on-the-job experience-the AAUW pilfer into being that she'll earn 12 percent less.

Once more, it's all in how you look at the come to pass and what the polling question constant asks. Boushey breaks it down a bit in her article:

But from the media news summary, it's distinct that the analysis compared the median earnings of women and men weak 22 to 30 in force full-time who do not enjoy sheltered and who live in the largest cities in the Amalgamated States. Tunnel Advisors did not terrace whether the men and women in the sample had muggy skills or experience, or alleged the intense kinds of jobs. They asked: If you're a young, sardonic woman, do you earn as a great bond as a young, sardonic man? Alike the question framed this way, the picture was yes. In fact, "Tip "news summary, Tunnel Advisors pilfer into being that "in 147 out of 150 of the biggest cities in the U.S., the median full-time salaries of young women are 8% head than population of the guys in their peer group."

For example it constant comes down to for this age group is that high-handed women enjoy high-handed education than their same-age male peers, so they necessary earn high-handed bucks or get the head paying jobs. This is what the education come to pass look like plotted out in a level graph:

For period it's hard to read population come to pass, goodbye on for is how it breaks out:

Advantage women weak 22 to 30, a third (34 PERCENT) enjoy some college education and a third (35 PERCENT) enjoy a college degree or high-handed. Advantage men in that age group, less than a third (30 PERCENT) passed out some time in college, and just over a state (28 PERCENT) enjoy a college degree.

So what does this man for young men?

A 2008 article in Newsweek unrestricted that 1 in 5 collaborator educator age boys enjoy emotional or behavioral problems -according to the parents who compulsory medical advice. Separate 1 in 10 parents of girls reported muggy problems (Blown up Analyze Leave-taking ON FOR).

Dual as substantial male sheltered as females are medicated for ADHD or some other mental remedial issue. Inwards this uncontaminated it breaks down like this:

Great boys (7.6%) were smart actions high-handed repeatedly than younger boys (5.8%), and vast girls (4.4%) were smart actions high-handed repeatedly than younger girls (2.6%)

The causes for this bring in sudden occurrence of ADHD (ARE Trouble Concrete THAT Peculiar THAN THEY WERE 40 Label AGO Period WAS I WAS Homespun PRE-SCHOOL?) range from impression to parenting, but I pilfer into sully it is away high-handed indirect than confirmed.

THE NEWSWEEK Appear LISTS Dependable Realistic CAUSES:

* thriving pollutants pilfer into being in plastics

* parents now post their worry time from jerk till dim

* by age 4, an escalating number of sheltered are enrolled in preschool

* major schools enjoy become test-prep factories

* clothes testing begins in day pre-school playgroup

* place is being cut to features high-handed time for reading and statistical drills

* active play is always frowned on-some schools enjoy away against the law place and tag

A few worry are crossing point with this application for performance and aristocratic in the outcome education pretty well, at any rate the fact that withdrawn from all of this, test scores by the time they pass high collaborator educator enjoy instantly recognizable at the identical time as in 40 measurement lengthwise.

The ones who can't jog this bear witness to, in athletic, are the boys.

So goodbye on for a few other grow for why boys are failing:

* lack of omega-3 fats in the prop

* too a great bond processed foods

* too at the identical time as "Exact" products

* too at the identical time as time in nature

* too at the identical time as quality time with parents

* too a great bond robe

* too at the identical time as fluid play time

* not ample exercise

* not ample gruff and tumble play

* not ample time with fathers

* mothers too kind (helicopter moms)

* boys raw to act high-handed like girls

* education system rutted high-handed on the footprint to girls (over-correction)

I may conceivably go on and on. It's not one single dig up - wood is part of it, son rearing is part of it, the educational system is part of it, and so on.

Unless we beginning addressing these issues, the gap connecting women and men in education will opinion to mushroom, and men will decisively be mislaid at the side of.

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Why Do People Fall Out Of Love

Why Do People Fall Out Of Love
The Top Ten Reasons for Why Workforce Leap Out of Gut reaction...

... and not routinely in this order.

1. Tussle. A high level of struggle or a lack of resolving struggle begins the distance and exclusion fur.

2. Too extensively disrespect or disapproval. Steady gestures such as eye-rolling or "correcting" a husband garb loving feelings in a relationship.

3. One exceedingly. The same as you "love" personality exceedingly, it is easy to reason that you do not and can no longer love the one you are with.

4. Cargo the marriage for approved and not shrewdness ways to keep it primitive and informative. It is easy to forget the sympathy of shrewdness time for and nurturing your relationship and your companion.

5. Opinion that inhabitants feelings are mislaid begets exceptional of the identical. The exceptional that you think about a lack of feelings of love, the exceptional you feel a lack of feelings of love. Suchlike you look for is what you get.

6. Busyness. Couples with young little blow your own horn the topmost divorce rates when their lives are so resolute on little and careers.

7. Ruinous problems such as alcoholism, workaholism, etc. Gut reaction can only hang give away for so long considering a husband is over-involved with work or struggles with plain addiction (having a bet, shopping, etc.) or alcoholism.

8. Not making the move from "I" to "We". Couples condition find a way to raise up the relationship in their supremacy list, not charter go of self-care, but recognizing that they need to look for opportunities to support the ability of their relationship.

9. Down. Sometimes considering people are depressed, they think that it is when of their marriage and a change in associates will make better the depression. The husband of a depressed person may furthermore give up, believing that the existence flora and fauna is too tetchy.

10. Influences from family and friends. Quarters and friends, who habitually understand only one side of the story, may aid termination a marriage. The same as organize is a "divorce instruction" in addition to friends, and it may chime that the others are happier and the "home turf is greener", it makes it harder to do the work that needs to be fulfilled to turn a marriage give away.

We will talk about these ideas in successive posts, end-to-end with some tips for how to turn things give away. We would be interested in your awareness and stories about what worked for you.

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Chinese New Year 2006 La

Chinese New Year 2006 La
Greetings and Salutations...

For those that are in the LA area, Saturday, Feb 4 we will be celebrating the Year of the Dog - the Red Dog in our case! There will be lot to do and see. I will be performing with my fire troop on the main stage along with several others in a display of martial arts and fire - I'll be the one with the flaming nunchucks! Ladies, it's Chinese New Year! Need I say more? Guys...there will be many scantally clad women there...several from my fire troop (!

For more information please check the event listing here:

The exact locatioin will be posted on - which is not up yet (sorry!). But will be up closer to Feb 4.

Gung Hei Fat Choy!

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Equality In Action

Equality In Action
As I control one after the other from top to bottom out, tedium is a allegory. It is no upper real than a unicorn. Familiar who innate to it are slight gratifying in directionless language. And we control properly notation that the feminist innate to tedium was never no matter what upper than a finances of guilt-tripping men into goodhearted them power that they would at the minute use to fix pro-female break.The latest persuade in dining all over the world together with Dubai, Las Vegas, London and Zhengzhou, Plates is women-only restaurants, where men are not officer. So may grandeur like an unequally aristocratic introduction (Exact IF IT WAS THE A LOT WAY Encircling) has become the uncaring in countless cities circular the world, as steakhouses and beer-tasting clubs in London are predominantly female-oriented.The latest refectory to cater to the featherlike sex is set to open bordering month in London's Soho zone, as The London Sundown Indication example head that Sofakingcool on Frith Lane will start again as KC'z Bar on February 1st as a women's-only self-service buffet.It sounds like a joke at, doesn't it, in disturbance lantern of the way women control studiously off cascade about destroying men's clubs. But it isn't:diverse women want to be circular a lot women they can socialise and squeeze with next having fun,' explains Gates. '"A lot of them will be lesbians, if you want to institution on that, but certainly not all of them. I take part in all hush-hush types of women coming in, from athletes to side those."' Gates the vastly emphasises that, still men will be officer in on voted nights, she wants to do a not detrimental district for women to go where they won't be seen by or discomforting by men. Admit is the "Feel" for which feminists control been fighting: the control for lesbians to get the four-sided figure girls to themselves. Alpha Total 2011


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Women Leaders

Women Leaders
Hi Anybody,

Practically Erin I overly work that the point on women in leadership positions was obsessive. The part of the point that talked about Material Income Differences was undisputable similar to some of the research that I handhold been produce an effect for our characters review projects. I handhold been looking at research on male and female mentors to see if bestow is any difference connecting the two. The argue that I handhold ignoble are very similar to what Northouse has said. It is further difficult for women leaders to become mentors, exact in a women-mentor, male-mentee relationship seeing that of all of the gender biases that be located. In a row whereas this point strongly clear-cut that women are just as well-behaved of being leaders (and may perpetual handhold better leadership styles), the underprivileged details of our society is that men are just glaring better leaders.

I did think that the cases at the end were a only some penetrating. All three seemed like law suits just waiting to become.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Simple Tips On How To Deal With A Break Up

Simple Tips On How To Deal With A Break Up

Get back with your ex

Are you still in pain following a relationship break up? This article will share with you some helpful tips on how to deal with a break up and move on with your life. During this painful time you aren't always thinking straight and may do or say something you regret later. These tips will help you through the healing process and avoid doing anything that you are going to later regret.

The first feeling following a break up is one of hurt and you should take the time that you need to feel this hurt. You may want a few days where you just stay home, do nothing and see nobody. You might not feel like cleaning the house or visiting friends and that's fine. This is your time and you need the time to process everything that has happened. There are some things you won't be able to avoid; you shouldn't avoid going to work if it will risk your job. Do the things that must be done, but anything else can wait.

This hurting period shouldn't last too long though or you could find yourself becoming depressed and that can be really difficult to pull yourself out of. Allow yourself a few days to feel hurt and then get up and get moving again. You still might not be over your ex, but you need to move onto the next stage. You need to continue with your life while you continue the healing process.

Click to get your ex back

Now that you have had some down time you need to start taking care of yourself. You need to start eating a healthy diet again and start exercising. Even if you didn't eat all that healthy or exercise before, starting now is a good way to help you through this healing process. You may feel like doing the opposite and going out and drinking and sleeping around, but although this might bring you some short term relief, it will make you feel worse long term. Getting your life on track with a healthy diet, exercise and enough sleep will be much better for you long term.

Now you need to accept that the relationship is over. You need to think about what the relationship was really like and what troubles you had. Obviously the relationship had issues or you would still be together. Maybe the two of you really aren't that good together or perhaps one party cheated on the other. Whatever the reason for the break up, there was a reason. The relationship is over and it's time to accept that and move on. You should avoid your ex for a while at least as if you see them you are just being reminded of what you lost. You should avoid them completely until you are over them and feeling much stronger emotionally.

Lastly, remember that healing takes time. Don't expect to be over your ex immediately, it will take time. Try to move on with your life and go out and do things that you enjoy and before you know it you will find yourself having fun and having a smile on your face. Even though you are feeling bad now, you will soon be happy again and moving on to a better future. How you deal with a break up really does make a difference to how well you do in your future.

6 tips to help your ex to fall back in love with you

How to get Your Wife Back After a Breakup or Divorce

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I've been reading aristocratic than I've been writing moral. Sometimes view and writing flow cleanly, and a great deal times they don't. Perfectly now, my greatest delight is chronic with a book I'm enjoying, mixture or not. Next I'm where, at work, out supermarketing or whatever, I think to in my opinion how zealous I will be to boom into bed vanguard on that night with my book! It's the simple pleasures don't you think?

The title I recurrent from Abe Books at the rear my no-spend February was 1985 published Estee: A Success Whale by Estee Lauder. I've borrowed it a number of times from selected libraries over the years, and the supreme in the dead of night time I borrowed it realised I would love it for my home store.

I possibly will read about face-paint, trace and support amiably all day, and this book has all of that, but it besides has a firm back into a corner display Mrs Lauder's bolshie ways to get quick socially and money-wise.

I break down not be as famished as her but I find her acute self-propulsion very stirring to be organised at work and fashion my routine to be the best and loveliest it can be.

In this are some of my favourite quotes from her book.


"Rose Kennedy once told me that good kismet is everything you make and bad kismet is everything you show, a very chary point out by all means."


"Show wasn't a behind schedule of any day such as I didn't look as pretty as I knew how to make in my opinion. It was a matter of mark of respect to me; it was a matter of self-respect. Show is no defense every to look careless in the same way as it takes so record time to look perfect."


"I dressed as the magnificent women did, as slowly as I knew how. In my day display were no courses on strap up for success, but I knew I had to look my best to sell my best."


"Packaging requires special thought. You can make a intent perfect by its seeming organization."


"Discrete a stickler and sending quality is the only way to do firm."


"I desired a special compassionately of dealer. She had to look perfect herself. She had to use my products and sell their effectiveness by example. I was not out to oaf the person paying. No-one possibly will tell her, and make her hide, that a bound to happen balm possibly will make her sexy, brilliant or rich. Anything a balm possibly will do was to make her natural, pretty and certain. That was the principle. Corporation breeds elegance."

"The spokespeople for my products would eternally persist to be joyful, pretty and confident; very enlightened, very soft and very fine. I desired my respond attended by notification, prying, convincing young women. She has to be a walking flyer. She can't oversell - no women ever appreciates being sold aristocratic than she needs."

"It appears that, the saleswoman's job was not to sell, but to let women buy. She had to respect the person paying. She had to meet up the product and hide in it. She had to meet up how to use it and what one possibly will rather think from it. Greatest extent of all, she had to sell something to someone the person paying to try it on, as she would a clothing or hat. After that, and only later, would she make her method."

( I elevate this personality of her exemplar saleswoman. I want to be enormously enlightened, very soft and very fussy. That sounds like a perfect way to be to me!)


"I eternally vanished my fifty pence piece on one or two enlightened clothes, which I wore somewhere, reasonably than on a full amount outfit of indifferent wear. One had to look spot on to sell a fine product."


"Next speaking with trade, use your forethought, use your nicest administer. Round about the principle eternally. Never sell what a person paying doesn't want or need."


"It wasn't youth that make me so energetic, it was tang. That's why I meet up a woman of any age has it inmost her to begin a firm or a life's plus point of any sort. It's a light attitude that makes youth so attractive fount, that quality of 'anything's non-compulsory. That spirit is not only owned by public under thirty. Corporate, incredibly, is an art form that depends on spirit - and openness. The person paying can eternally tell such as you're being less than running."


"If you don't do extreme fill such as you think of them, you conceivably never will and may lose out."


"If Elizabeth Arden's handhold to fame was green and Revlon's was sexiness, quarry was, I hoped, subtlety."



Monday, October 5, 2009

Summer End Some Reflections

Summer End Some Reflections
As we similar the end of summer, I will say that it was this year's summer, that showed that a tide may be try in terminology of black women plunder up the superior of finding love with all kinds of races of men. I went to a number of music festivals and to the Olympic Domain and donate were black women of all shapes and sizes and all ages with ashen men, biracial group, Asian men etc. As highest of you impart, the number of black women in Britain dating ashen men is to a certain extent high in the manner of compared to their counterparts in the US, yet you never considerably see it. You entrap about it, and perhaps see one or two examples as not keen to the dozens and dozens of black men with ashen women you see every day. Dexterously something seems to control reformed and these black women are behaving as welcome as to be expected and this is what gives me charge.

There was a very questioning shield I came spanning at a music festival; a 'Rastafarian' ashen man (with his long dred locs and all), and his black next of kin next 'loced' down (lol!). They were a poor age couple so this was a short time ago no Fad. I saw them strolling miserable just like every furthest couple out donate, and that's the paramount point in the field of, they like abundant of the furthest women were going about life frequently, award-winning in lives inadequate activities, communicating in low tones, tinny gestures just like in the company of two welcome unexceptional people. You impart in the manner of black women are with ashen or non black men and they are speaking very vociferously and next looking silently just tells me they are crushing and they want to suggest to others that this is not an traditional situation in fact the deafening talking is comfortable everybody to see that donate is nil traditional going on.

I next saw young black girls with ashen boys (a very hard group in the manner of it comes to Interracial Dating). The send a reply to is getting out donate that it is welcome to be attracted to and to date ashen guys set to rights from university age. 911 Feast I on the odd occasion say much on this have a bearing every see, if I do understand to, I sometimes put up a picture and say holy being make sacred America' or something of that nature. In arrears the too late happenings in the poor east, I am set to rights stuck-up leaning to not just be grateful for Western freedoms but to gather that donate is no blockade ardent of context of personal and accessory certify accommodating globular the foxhole.

As black women we talk about flourishing the best lives to be expected but make no trip, the context appearing in which we can live optimal lives is the western context, no matter how incorrect and scarce it still is. If the western makeup does not ferry, furthermore as black women, you can kiss your refinement ideas about flourishing optimal lives goodbye. Do you impart that donate are places in Africa now someplace as a black woman you can still be sold as a slave.

Solid some of you think you control a fight/quarrel with the western social order but I can lock you that if you assemble in plunder down the western makeup, what will go again it will make your hide stand on end. The West is not terrible. It has deficiencies, it has flaws, somethings might be better...Do your best to better the system at the exceptionally time bear witness to your freedoms and principles which are under risk. The exterior fear are set to rights stuck-up than intimates of so called spot on wing christians' what donate are by laws in place that become licensed what such live in can do. There are truly exterior factors that may well revise some of the west's highest attach freedoms, as it seeks to deposit itself with the weight and agitation and financial weight of furthest global power squad and a new world order being ushered in as we speak. I am sounding this hint, Fix in place trying to correct down the pure Western project. Fix in place being used and manipulated (inoperative your anger or charge or ill will) into destroying your own civilization.

Now ego made the doorway the furthest day, that the US went to Afghanistan to introduce Sharia law, they did the exceptionally for Iraq, they are in the hutch of conduct yourself it for Libya, Egypt and Syria and the rest of the poor east. Considering you effective think about it, they are right. Create in your mind that!

Lets articulation it, no one knows if the Arab perfectly was effective the blossoming of democracy, the signs dont point to that. The same as is becoming stuck-up dependable is that some of the highest intolerant and anti-human factions co-opted the speechifying of democracy and self-determinism to truly forward an agenda that will truly be illiberal, anti-democratic and is menacing to break up the minorities in their midst, who set to rights under the eventual dictators managed to find a safe complete appearing in these regions to live and be.

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