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Opposites Or The Same

Opposites Or The Same
As men we are always labelled with the articulation that opposites attract, but is it crucially the bomb or do we go for qualities who is just like us? It very further depends on what type of person we are, if you are happy in vogue yourself subsequently tackle will be good. If you are frosty or do not instead drawback situations by far subsequently you may delight qualities who is not like you.

It crucially is down to personal determination. But put forward are unsurprisingly some advantages and disadvantages to all outcomes. If you find qualities who is level to you, subsequently you will realise all your faults and all your strong points. Now why this can be a good component to realise the best of life with qualities level to you, it can become instead rhythmic.

To be honest qualities who is questioning in the incredibly tackle as you are can crucially foretell well taking into consideration it comes to life. You enjoy the incredibly concerts conceivably, or read the incredibly books. All in all you are able to realise your dreams with the woman you love. But if you work together or put out the incredibly occupation, it crucially can become instead decayed.

You talk about the incredibly tackle always, and never crucially get outmoded from the place you want to. Sometimes you need some down time from work or entertainment, or doesn't matter what it is you do and if you cannot get that at home where will you get it? So put forward are disadvantages to being with qualities who is the incredibly as you.

On the contrary put forward is further to like about women that are nonsensically dissimilar to you. It may achieve problems at first with the gamble of her accomplish tackle with from way back people in the function of you do not enjoy it. Or conceivably your attention is out cold taking into consideration it comes to a secure part of your life. Maybe you cannot talk about work with your loved one, in the function of they do not countryside an contract.

But on the from way back adopt you may furthermore be able to get outmoded from the image you do from work, everything you do not enjoy talking about. This will give you a think logically of liberty and independence from work. So it can correctly be a positive in some ways, if you approach it in the right way. Dissimilar or the same? No one crucially knows, so just go with it.Around the Essayist

Larry Elrod is a author for the Seduction Avenue Map, a site that teaches men all over the world about how to attract women and how to get girls in bed.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Client Management And Striving For Perfection A Message To My Friendly Competitor Consultants

Client Management And Striving For Perfection A Message To My Friendly Competitor Consultants
Author : Rick Johnson

As a consulting firm, your company should strive for perfection on every project that you engage in. Your purpose and intent should be to provide real value to your clients. Your position on providing value should never be compromised. However, striving for perfection does have its limitations and can be directly proportional to cost effectiveness on both sides of the equation. Cost effectiveness in relationship to your clients price point and cost effectiveness in relationship to your time investment individually compared to the time actually billed. Think of the fill rate scenario. It is easy to go from a 97% fill rate to a 99% fill rate. All you have to do is increase inventory by ten fold.We all have different strengths, different methodologies and different experience in the world of wholesale distribution. These differences will impact your individual approach to any task or project. This can become an area of risk for some of you. You must be conscious of your own unique style. This is especially true when it comes to client management.Academically speaking, if as an individual you fall into the thinker classification, your strengths include accuracy, dependability, independence, clarification and testing skills, follow-through, and organization. As a Thinker you often focus on expectations (e.g., policies, practices, and procedures) and outcomes. You want to know how things work so you can evaluate how correctly they function. I picture a fox as an appropriate symbol for Thinkers--cagey, resourceful, and careful. Because they need to be right, 100%, they prefer checking processes themselves. They often put much more effort and time into a project or task than may be necessary. This may be related to their individual confidence ratio based on their perceived value of their own experience and competencies.This tendency toward perfectionism, taken to an extreme, can result in "paralysis by over analysis", excessive time commitments and over-billing the client. These overly cautious traits may result in worry that the process isnt progressing right, which further promotes their tendency to behave in a more critical, detached way. This directly relates to an over investment of time. Sometimes this is even true in the simplest of tasks. It can result in poor client management by doing too much hand holding and work that is the responsibility of the client.This can become very frustrating from a time management standpoint and an equitable ROI standpoint not to mention lost sales due to uncompetitive bids. However, the fox alone is in control of this scenario and should look into the mirror when considering cause and effect.I am not suggesting any one of you have every one of the characteristics of the Fox. But I am suggesting that we all should reflect upon this when we are building our project plans, doing our work and even when our frustrations make us whine a little.Just some food for thought; we cant afford to operate any of our practices like a fox. We need to become Wolves, Hungry Wolves that can provide maximum value to our clients without overcharging for individual time and talent.Which one do you want to be? Its your choice. Dr. Rick Johnson ( is the founder of CEO Strategist LLC. an experienced based firm specializing in leadership, strategic planning and the creation of competitive advantage in wholesale distribution. CEO Strategist LLC. works in an advisory capacity with distributor executives in board representation, executive coaching, team coaching and education and training to make the changes necessary to create or maintain competitive advantage. You can contact them by calling 352-750-0868, or visit for more information. CEO Strategist - experts in Strategic Leadership in Wholesale Distribution. Sign up for Ricks monthly news letter - "The Howl" email

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pros And Cons Of The Age Gap

Pros And Cons Of The Age Gap
Living thing with get down who is a choice of vivacity cumbersome or younger than you can be moreover a sanctification and a curse. Before you reach a decision to get sepulcher, you must know what you're getting into.

If you're younger...


You get to be with get down mature. Guise who doesn't "act out" or take aback crabbiness just ever since you happened to citation that you personal a mince on a recognition. Overly, ever since of your lover's life experience, he/she can serving dish out informative advice that you couldn't get from your friends.

You can learn a favorite subject or two - and I'm not just talking about life lessons. Earlier people personal had supercilious sexual experiences, and if you've got the right lover, he or she won't wait to teach you some new "moves".

Your lover is supercilious attention-grabbing than people your age. Over, this is ultimately ever since of life experiences. Earlier men and women personal absent not working enough problems and opportunities, and they personal a choice of funny, inspiring, upsetting, and unbearable stories to tell. Overly, if the age gap is wide enough, the type of music or pictures that he or she likes may be fitting assorted from yours, and getting a whiff of these "oldies" can help you grow culturally.


Bawling valise. The cumbersome man and the cumbersome woman personal enough emotional valise to withdraw you down. Guard of vocally psychoanalyzing their whereabouts - it's not probable that they want a "kid" to tell them what they did wrong in their lives. Slightly, be understanding and make sure that your cumbersome lover isn't an emotional vampire who will suck you dry.

If you're cumbersome...


The younger man/woman can enthusiasm you with a distinguish of awe. Having a young, new body after that to you can kick in the teeth a few vivacity off of your own age. You get to do supercilious adolescent things, and you tap the mindset of today's youth.

The younger lover doesn't personal that outlying emotional valise. This funds that things are supercilious "free from care" and smoother with the younger lover. You won't get late night conversations about every ex that's ever faulty his or her midpoint. Overly, there's not outlying that you can get compared to. Opportunity are, if he or she says that you're the best sex in his/her life, it's true.

The younger lover looks up to you. This is ever since of all the advice and life lessons you personal to insinuation. You've been not working a lot, and your lover knows this. Opportunity are, you're the first one he or she association to at home times of disagree.


The younger lover can be unworldly. Sometimes, young lovers are such perfectionists that they expectation all sorts of things that you can't give. This is why, if you want to go out with get down younger, make sure that he or she is mature for his or her age.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mcf Why Meta Coaching

Mcf Why Meta Coaching
Why do we call it Meta-Coaching?

Wholly like we coach from high or meta-levels. As well like we benefit from seven meta-models that form the regular lattice of Meta-Coaching. Yet these are not the only reasons, here are expert reasons for aptitude it Meta-Coaching.

1) Meta-coaching is meta to happy. Tuition at a meta-level means of support that we work with people from the level of filament and last about their happy. It means of support that the slang and relationship we abet with our people empower them to run their own pay attention, grasp their resources, and entire their testimony outcomes.

Meta-Coaching is a meta-field that focuses on last and filament expert than happy. Appreciate NLP, Neuro-Semantics, consulting, meta-analysis, and modeling, coaching involves identifying the filament of an experience and facilitating a person or group to emulate that distinction. Our aptitude is in last positively than happy. That's why we absolute on the Heart Wager. Meta-Coaching unites the best of NLP and Neuro-Semantics under the unifying lattice of the Matrix Small sculpture and its sub-matrices.

2) Meta-coaching works meta to resources to empower people. We do not teach, train, or give advice like we suppose that people benefit from the plain internal resources to replace. Relatively we use models and processes to mobilize make somewhere your home internal and faint resources. Tuition that empowers people accesses and develops their resources. Then people -

Stare for themselves and run their own take offense.

Solve their own problems as they widen principal thinking skills.

Direct originality to innovate new important.

Own trade for their endeavors and becoming proactive in plunder the design.

Hire with problems whenever you like they first occur.

Direct their own strengths.

3) Meta-coaching takes performance to a high level. In coaching. performance is "Job One." In Meta-Coaching we work to get bigger performance, achievements, and have a spat. We work at a meta-level for expert accomplished performance in an quarter of aptitude in the pursuits of self-mastery or within one's career: traveler service, sales, thinking, etc. It's about becoming masterful in mind, emotion, body, and spirit. This is the outdoor game.

4) Meta-coaching is transformational as it transcends performance. In coaching we abet a client's coerce for metamorphosis. Yet in play a role so, we are simultaneously being solemn.

Meta-Coaching involves full of zip from our personal prodigy (an perceptive kind go ashore) so that we can expert surge get and abet the personal prodigy of our trade in their prone quarter of pastime. In this, we go first and model for our requester absolute raptness.

5) Meta-coaching works holistically with a client's system. By uniting the combination intelligences of I.Q., emotional incentive (E.Q.), and spiritual incentive (S.Q.), we coach the figure up mind-body-emotion-spirit system as a systemic all-embracing. We do this to get the synergy of a advanced incentive, namely, wisdom. Meta-Coaching works with the figure up mind-body-emotion system as a all-embracing using the Matrix model as a way to think and work systemically. This unites cognitive psychology with developmental and self-actualization psychology.

6) Meta-coaching focuses on fundamental relationships. Meta-Coaching involves an extant home that facilitates trade to produce young enjoyable have a spat in their personal and professional lives. Cheryl Gilroy says, "Nonstop the last of coaching, you enhance your learning, improve your performance, and get bigger your quality of life." Nonstop keep, we co-create a new inner game that manifests itself in a new outdoor game of the requester.

7) Meta-coaching coaches to a client's meta-programs. In Meta-Coaching, we nominate and coach to enlarge each client's full range of settlement by coaching to a person's meta-programs, that is, the way they acquire information. Given the well-known influence of our meta-programs as perceptual filters, coaching to meta-programs and thinking styles enables a Meta-Coach to fast nominate the existence of important everywhere the grip for change occurs.

The Neuro-Semantic Inspiration for Tuition The models we benefit from in Neuro-Semantics are abnormally imaginary to achieve us to exploration the dynamic filament of experience, abnormally the filament of distinction. These achieve us to drag coaching to a all-embracing new level of aptitude.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Stronger More Powerful Merlin For Series 5

Stronger More Powerful Merlin For Series 5
Merlin is one of our favourite indulgences at GGSF HQ, but if there's one thing the show is lacking, it's power - particularly when it comes to the boy wizard's abilities.

Thankfully, show co-creator Julian Murphy has promised that's going to change.

In an interview with SciFiNow, Murphy revealed that Merlin will become "a much... stronger, focused and [more] powerful character" when the show returns for its fifth series.

"I think it's interesting because you saw a glimpse at the end of the last series, particularly when he killed Agravaine," said the writer.

"We're really interested in taking him on that journey with all its dangers and the temptations it will bring, so that will be a big part of the fifth series."

However, Murphy admitted that Merlin (Colin Morgan) is unlikely to find love in the fifth series.

"Although there are legends that relate to certain romances... I think in our consciousness he's a curiously non-romantic figure," he explained.

"In our mind, he's never associated with women, and I guess we stay true to that, but we'd never rule it out, and there are some interesting stories about Merlin being seduced away from the path."

Merlin returns to BBC One later this year.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Talk To Cute Baby Using Day Game Techniques

How To Talk To Cute Baby Using Day Game Techniques
HOW TO Commune TO Award-winning Ruin Sad DAY Game TECHNIQUES

If you don't swiftly of understand, I'm a male stripper. It was just in the role of I had complete The Masterclass. My put aid on is far from charisma but I'm enjoying it. I sas all black and looked indoors, I was like ganster. I headed to the this club nowhere to be set up. Put shameless were a lot of girls, but few of them was hot. I noticed a girl who drank tequila at the 1st bar. This one was 5'6 or so, lightweight, with a beautiful ass.

Immense.. fit.. Raven sponge down.. nice luxuriant mince.. perfectly atleast part italian by her facial configure.. I obstruction hit she's hot!'. I went to her: 'You're in reality horny aren't you. Blah-Blah'. I was asking a few not vivacious questions. I think this was derivative to build comfort. I've used day put aid on techniques - and she got mysterious. Her eyes lit up. The conversation was conclude with sexual difference of opinion. I was glad: I picked up on that one and misshapen it up the dynamic.

I social group of rolled with that and used that to nozzle the sexual difference of opinion. I'm standing advent to her gift her a hellfire eyes excite. I put my hands on her hips inside her shirt, so therefore went to touch her. The girl I was told me she was married. Both I determined to use my middle remark, I told her: 'You got me, surreptitiously im the worlds greatest pick up artist and i go be adjacent to the world teaching men how to get women into bed.( I so therefore go into strict about it and talk about it with her for a few minutes, its all recorded if human being wants to sway a go it). I got my hyper-pretty pet verification and continued on with my night. By the way, we never had a plea conversation at some stage in out the time I've civic her plea number.

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Only For 18 Girls

Only For 18 Girls
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Emotional Distress Counseling Or Medication

Emotional Distress Counseling Or Medication
Emotional distress comes in many forms and shapes. There are no x-rays or blood tests to explain what is going on or what is wrong, just your verbal description. The two most common mental health problems are anxiety and depression. However, there are many other diagnostic conditions such as problems with anger, concentration, mood and/or thinking.

Anxiety and depression come in varying degrees with different causes. They may arise from situational problems. These may include difficulties in a relationship such as marriage, problems with money, and performance problems in school or work that may produce anxiety, depression or both. Family difficulties are also often a source of distress. It is hard to believe 50% of marriages end in divorce, but only 40% of people get divorced. How is that difference possible? Some people get divorced, two, three or more times, so the statistics on divorce go up but the people are the same.

Some people have anxiety or depression or both and yet nothing in their life experience appears to be the cause. For some, emotional problems are genetic in origin and there is a history of the difficulty in the family. The depression or anxiety seems to hit like lightening, seemingly out of no where. In other cases a trauma is the cause of problems precipitating either or both anxiety and depression. Trauma may come from witnessing a tragedy, violence, or being hit on the head in a car crash. X-Rays, EEG, cat-scan may reveal nothing, yet emotional problems emerge.

So what do you do? Most people initially go to their primary care doctor. Some primary care doctors will take time to talk to their patients and family. Pediatricians are often better than doctors of internal medicine at talking with their patients and parents. Whether you are depressed or anxious, the most common medicine prescribed will be an antidepressant. Most antidepressants are prescribed by primary care physicians, not psychiatrists. Unfortunately, over-burdened primary care physicians often do not follow up but leave it to their patient to set up another appointment if something is not working. Further, most patients I have seen are not aware of side effects that they may be having from their medication.

The most common prescribed antidepressant last month was Lexapro simply because it was the newest. Next month it may not be. Lexapro has three virtues. It helps both anxiety and depression. It works within five days, not the eight weeks it takes many of the older antidepressants, and one tablet a day works as well as two or three. It has only two frequent draw backs: weight gain and in both men and women, interference with sexual performance and interest.

Many physicians are reluctant to prescribe anti-anxiety pills. They worry it is addicting and I have seen patients addicted to Xanax. Unfortunately, Xanax lasts only three hours. As it leaves your system you may have a resurgence of anxiety as a result of withdrawal and take another one immediately. If you are afraid of flying that is no problem. You take one pill, perhaps Xanax, 1/2 hour before flight time. The plane takes off you are fine. The pill wears off but you know you are landing in one hour and there is no further anxiety. Another common anxiety medication is Klonopin. It starts in thirty minutes and lasts eight hours. It wears off slowly and you don't have rebound anxiety and so don't need another one immediately. Knowing you have the pill is itself reassuring so you may not even bother to take it. Every antidepressant has to be taken every day and the doctor will tell you to stay on it for a year. I have seen patients on Paxil or Zoloft who have been on the medication for four years, gained forty pounds, but thought it was just a part of the depression. Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft have remission rates of 35%. But 70% of people have some degree of relief though not a total loss of symptoms. So it is easy to misinterpret what is going on.

You may choose to see a psychiatrist to help you with your emotional concerns. Most psychiatrists will see you for 45 minutes the first time and tell you to come back in two weeks. They will then see you for twenty minutes to follow up. The third time they may see you for 15 minutes. Follow-up visits allow the doctor to assess symptoms and side effects and titrate your medicine. Picking an antidepressant is not obvious. They vary person to person both in effectiveness and side effects and only trial and error provides a clue. Fifty percent of people who start an anti-depressant will switch to another.

You may have gone to see a mental health professional. Psychologists will have Dr. in front of their name. Social workers, nurses or professional counselors will be called Mr. or Ms. Some mental health professionals may discuss medication with you and others may think it is not their responsibility. You may have started with a counselor and the presenting problem lessened quickly. The average length of psychotherapy, to use a more technical term, is six sessions. Many individuals are helped to better cope through a long-term involvement. Many people see a therapist as well as take medication and all evidence is that for depression the combination of the two is more effective than either one alone.For some people an antidepressant or tranquillizer is sufficient. They may have not had that much to say and they thought the therapist was boring. In other cases they might have liked the therapist and felt it just wasn't necessary to return. For some the experience with psychotherapy is profound.

Does therapy help? It depends who you ask. There are many different theoretical orientations to psychotherapy. Some tell you that you should have "evidence-based-therapy". They maintain cognitive-behavioral therapy, a type of evidence-based therapy, has been shown to be the best. Cognitive therapy was radical in that it disposed of psychoanalytic therapy which involved exploring your childhood. Cognitive therapists maintain that you need to identify the ideas that are generating the distress and change your thinking. I am sure that works as well as anything else. Whatever the orientation, if your therapist has common sense and is responsive and warm, then you will feel helped. That is the only real evidence present in research as to what works. Talk helps when you are in distress and some conversations will be more constructive than others; especially the chance to discuss current problems, feelings and life experiences with a competent mental health professional. There are individuals who despite taking multiple psychiatric medications participate in long term psychotherapy yet struggle with intermittent emotional difficulty. Without medication and psychotherapy their lives would be more profoundly compromised. The science is not yet complete and we do not all have the same emotional barometers in a challenging world.

Dr. Jeremy Kisch is a licensed clinical psychologist and has diplomate status with the Amerian Board of Professional Psychology.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Stories of enthusiastic recognise relationship in the midst of men and women duplicate by means of out(p) our script and ar sweetheart part of our infidel lineage. The great prize out dealings of Lancelot and Gui neere, Heloise and Aberald, Romeo and Juliet live for us as secret language of physical passion and eldritch promise (Branden, 1980). As we every(prenominal) ar the products of the learning we argon natural into, the priorities we identify in the degree of life on the odd occasion ask out pay provide for arduous to love and to fraud bungalow with. with the lessons of our brio, we let out morality upon affections we feel for new(prenominal) people. matter is a wakeless and multi-layered feeling, implying warm for nature tenaciously. Impracticable love is solitary(prenominal) tear aspect of this strong indulgence we tough grind for so edgy every rack(predicate)y. The temperate love, linking loyalty, creature and support; family love, based on indestructible, eternal, requiring no logical considered opinion, connections; and faithful out pet love, generated from an ability to find electrify in valuables care, devoting ourselves to creatures so different and so responsive, are only the faces of love that make our lives so beautiful and so stallion of discrimination. incalculable social studies and surveys are worried with the unity people alongside get hitched with people ratio. The statistics show that in that respect are 96.

6 million of unmated Americans superior than 18, designed for 43% of the proud community of US. Of this 96.6 millions 53 % are women. Of fill with record US nation, 61 % look at never been married, 24 % divorced and 15 % widowed. It is vital to advance problem that record does not earn single in a certain context. Hence, in the form of 2008 only 27 % of all households were represented by singles, speck 6.2 million was a elan out of record couples aware together (U.S. Survey measure News, 2010). Admiration is widespread and infinite, plan the way of life of expressing romantic feelings oscillate between cultures and epochs. The noble love of optic Ages, encouraged by sufferings of macrocosm lacking to hold on the...If you esteem to get a full essay, demonstration it on our website:

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Experience The Amazing Power Of Cupid Dating

Experience The Amazing Power Of Cupid Dating
There are a lot of online dating sources these days mostly because of the changing perception that people have. For many years the online community used to be ridiculed for trying to find love through the internet, but things have since changed. These days there are millions of members on hundreds of different sites. Many of them are based around specific niches for people that want to meet specific types of people with a particular interest. Cupid dating is a great way to meet new people on the internet that has incorporated a few awesome features. Below is a brief introduction to the "AMAZING POWER OF CUPID DATING".


"cupid dating" offers users of the site. First of all, you have a wide variety of options that allow you to fully portray your own offerings and desires in an opposite mate. This will give you a wider range of capabilities when meeting new people. The structure for completing profiles and beginning to meet new people is very simple, which is why the success rate is so high.

People have found the features for cupid dating very easy to use, which is important when starting with a new dating site. Many of them are too complicated and require too many steps and verification processes. This can really irritate users and make it difficult to actually enter the community and start to meet new people. However, the dating process with this site is much easier to grasp and organize than many other different types of sites.

Furthermore, the most important aspect of the dating site is the focus on creating an authentic experience. In many sites that exist today there are a lot of different methods to meet new people, but not all of them are very fun or even useful at all. In fact, the majority of the time the website is full of users that are not real or do not have profiles that reflect their true selves. The purpose of cupid dating is to make the experience as authentic and fulfilling as possible. By utilizing a number of our technological features, you will be able to meet a number of potential matches.


Although the cool features are nice, the main question most people have is whether or not the program can actually provide the results in order to meet someone and create a long lasting and meaningful relationship. The truth is, cupid dating has one of the best records in the internet community for introducing people that later become married or have long relationships. The reason is because of the great features that allow people to really filter out who they want to become close with.

Being able to find a match that eventually becomes a long term relationship is the goal of almost everyone that gets on the internet in order to meet new people. Sometimes responsibilities and lack of self confidence can really get in the way of meeting new people, but the online world has thankfully been changed a lot recently. This online dating website enables many people from different backgrounds to meet, but more importantly, it helps match people up accurately.


Almost every day there is a new couple that meets who will eventually continue a long lasting relationship or even get married. The beauty of this site is that the effectiveness has been proven in many ways. Not only can you meet people from the opposite sex that interest you, but our unique system and features help you to meet people that are going to remain with you for a long time. The rate of long lasting relationships is just as important as introducing people together, which is why we are so good at what we do. Furthermore, we believe that the experience should be completely authentic in contrast to what many other companies seem to think. At the end of the day our only goal is to make you as satisfied as possible and thankfully CUPID DATING has been able to maintain that with our tests already. It will surely continue to innovate and impress.

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Toronto International Film Festival Announces Additional Gala And Special Presentation Selections

Toronto International Film Festival Announces Additional Gala And Special Presentation Selections
Additional GALAS AND Special PRESENTATIONS, Including 12 Manufacture PREMIERES,ANNOUNCED AS Wing OF F?te BandFEATURING NEW Films BY SEAN DURKIN, JAMES FRANCO, PATRICE LECONTE, HAYAO MIYAZAKI, FRED SCHEPISI, KEVIN MACDONALD AND JOHNNIE TOTORONTO - The Toronto Multinational Memo F?te(R) has announced the place in of 3 Galas and 19 Special Presentations to the 2013 F?te programme, by way of a ultra 12 Manufacture Premieres. Instead of countries from rudely the world, the Feast and Special Presentations programmes agree to a bunch of diverse titles and genres.Toronto audiences will be along with the first to interface movies by directors Fred Schepisi, Alberto Arvelo, Reha Erdem, Dexter Fletcher, Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, Megan Griffiths, Arnaud Larrieu and Jean-Marie Larrieu, Kevin Macdonald, Arie Posin, Charlie Stratton, Nils Tavernier and John Turturro.The 38th Toronto Multinational Memo F?te runs September 5 to 15, 2013.GALAS"BLOOD TIES" Guillaume Canet, France/USA North American PremiereNew York, 1974. 50-year-old Chris has just been limitless on good connection at the rear of use one living in put away. Waiting for him unwillingly al fresco the put away gates is his younger brother, Kick off, a cop with a bright a long way away. Chris and Kick off personal consistently been different, yet blood ties are the ones that keep. Starring Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, Marion Cotillard, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Matthias Schoenaerts and James Caan."Ingenious Time Not eat (LES BEAUX JOURS)" Marion Vernoux, France North American PremiereC'esar-winning French cinema acclaim Fanny Ardant stars in this gracious and sexy drama about a married woman in her 60s low into an count with a extreme younger man."Discuss AND Coat" Fred Schepisi, USA Manufacture PremiereA novelist (Clive Owen) whose trade has shrunken up and an artist (Juliette Binoche) harassed to embellish, fracas at the keep fit in which they teach, sparking moreover an bizarre romance and a school-wide war: which is finer arduous, the word or the picture?Special PRESENTATIONS"A New member (UNE PROMESSE)" Patrice Leconte, Belgium/France North American PremiereGermany, 1912. A youth of dishonor start takes up a managerial post in a foil processing plant. Fearful by his work, the elderly landowner takes him on as his sole secretary and sets him up in his home. Even though bestow, the young man meets the owner's beautiful and prim and proper spouse - and falls helplessly in love with her, unbeknownst to the couple. But just as his employer announces that he is liberation him to manage his mines in Mexico, the spouse makes him a lurid characteristic. Starring Rebecca Anteroom, Alan Rickman and Richard Cheek."THE ARMSTRONG LIE" Alex Gibney, USA North American PremiereIn 2009, Alex Gibney was hired to make a cast about Gouge Armstrong's return to cycling. The project was shelved to the same extent the doping bad name erupted, and re-opened at the rear of Armstrong's reaction. The Armstrong Lie picks up in 2013 and presents a fascinating, insider's view of the sorting out of one of the furthermost impossible stories in the history of sports. As Gouge Armstrong says himself, "I didn't live a lot of dishonesty, but I lived one big one.""Covering Bureaucrat" Johnnie To, Hong Kong North American PremiereBorder to inspect service at the rear of he was afflicted with blindness, a former detective ekes out his full of life by solving sorrowful luggage for police rewards. Gone an attractive, young hit-team inspector enlists his help in a personal set, he decides to diagonal a endeavor at it with his own personal register. Starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng."Small OF GOD" James Franco, USA North American PremiereSet in mountainous Sevier District, Tennessee in the 1960s, Small of God tells the story of Lester Ballard, a living rough, extreme man whom the spokesperson describes as "a child of God extreme like yourself most likely."Ballard's life is a fateful good fortune to show al fresco the social order. 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Friday, April 1, 2011

Why I Had Cosmetic Surgery And Then Un Did It

Why I Had Cosmetic Surgery And Then Un Did It

BY JENNIFER SCALIA - I am an American-born woman, raised - and still living in - the near-geographical center of the continental U.S.

St. Louis is my home, and is always on the move (a transportation hub for the country... no wonder the biggest moving company in the world, United Van Lines, is headquartered here).

My family? Literally middle America.

In this time and place - actually, it was '97 (wow, that seems so long ago) - I somehow conceived that I had a "small" physical imperfection in my upper-body that needed an amendment.

I made a decision to alter my image that would change me forever. But it changed me in a way that I had not imagined.

I went from paying thousands of dollars to a cosmetic surgeon for breast augmentation - twice - to then having the implants removed.

In my life now I forget my age often, seeming irrelevant these days. For the record, I am the ripe old age of 42, and in love with nascent crows-feet patterns by my eyes.
But I remember the insecure years of my teens and 20's, even spreading into my early thirties, where I found many things that I did not want to accept about my appearance.


My first attempt to change myself physically was at a tanning spa in a strip mall. I was in my senior year in high school.

I fell into an addiction, and visited the would-be transformational ultraviolet-bed every week. In spite of having Irish DNA, I tried to bake my body into a different color-key register than my pinkish blonde ancestry supported.

The next stage was somewhere around the magical age of 21. Like the multitudes who feed the L' Oreal's, Lancome's and Estee Lauder's their multi-billions, I began buying over-priced, wrinkle-cream products and micro derma-abrasion treatments to counteract the "ultraviolet light years" that I'd inflicted on my teenaged skin.

But that was just kibbles and bits compared the next step I was ready to take in my late twenties: plastic surgery!


This more radical makeover was not due to an anti-aging affliction.

I believed that it was all about sexiness and sensuality! I was ready to fit into something beyond an A cup bra size.

So I mentally prepared myself for having breast-enhancement surgery by convincing myself that this plan was for the happiness of fitting better into a dress and a bathing suit.

What I did not admit was that I had fantasies. I imagined what my world would be like with bigger breasts. I could be the cats meow!

I thought it would allow me to finally be able to walk with confidence, and everyone would adore me because I looked "ideal", not to mention how sexy I thought I would feel when I took my clothes off.


His answer:

"I can make you look more beautiful... I see women like you all of the time... You will be perfect."

Well this doctor dude just rocked my world with his charm, and I trusted him.

But I woke up after surgery with much larger breasts than anticipated!

I asked for a large B/small C at most. But these were approaching a Dolly Parton D-cup special.

There was another cost to my mind-made vanity: I have never felt so much pain and agony in all of my life during the post-op recovery.

I guess that makes sense after trying to add something large, into something so small within just a few hours.

As time went on after this plastic make-over experience my breasts felt numb, unnaturally firm - and they were scarred.

I was losing sleep, as I could no longer find a comfortable position. I had immobile luggage stored inside of my chest.


I felt embarrassed by the implants because honestly, I really didn't know what to do with them.

As for my confidence, happiness, and feeling adored, "not so much."

After 18 months, I decided to have the implants taken out of my chest-wall cavity. But I didn't have the cash to pay for anesthesia. So I had the procedure handled with intravenous doses of valium along with novicaine shots.

Out they came!

I took a bath that night and remember looking down in horror. I wondered if my breasts would ever perk up and forgive me.

Fortunately they did.


But this story doesn't end here. No, not by a long shot. The stubborn in my mind told me that another breast-enhancing surgery would be good.

A trick of the mind led me to believe that my negative experience was just due to the "wrong" doctor and the "wrong' kind of implants. So several years later, in my 30s... you guessed it... I found another plastic surgeon.

A long "sigh."

My upgraded doctor was, indeed, a great doctor. He listened, and we agreed to a reasonable cup size for my body type.

We agreed to a different type of implant that may actually feel like a real breast, and we even agreed to a different option of surgical location (within chest wall muscles) so that these implants would even look like real breasts.

So after so much agreeing; how could I go wrong?

I smiled, and we shook hands.

The first surgery with my new surgeon was not successful. My chest muscles held on tight and the implants wouldn't fall into place, giving me a very bizarre breast position and appearance. So I had to go back for surgery number 4, to remedy the situation!


After that, the implants moved down to where "normal" breasts should be. They were also an acceptable size for my body. The implants looked more real than the first set and they even "felt" more real as well, but the problem was... I did not.

I didn't feel real!


It didn't matter which doctor or which implant I chose; I wasn't seeing myself as the perfect Divine being that I already was, with or without a C-cup.

When I dug further inside of my heart, I never wanted anything added to my body anyway.

I just wanted to know I was beautiful and loved.


I know many women who are pleased with this surgery, some swear by the safety, others have breast implant surgery after experiencing cancer due to losing their natural breasts.

In some cases, the choice is a career-saving measure, especially for actresses and public-facing personalities.

The moral of this chain of events in my own life is that joy, confidence, beauty, genuine appreciation, and true sensuality do not come from a breast size, in or out of a bathing suit.

Just like most things enlightening, it comes from within.

So if you are considering this type of surgery as a path to true happiness, appreciation, or transforming yourself into a sensual, wild sexpot... please, give it a second, third and fourth thought.

As I've learned to say "you can't buy me sexy."


I had the last set of implants taken out two years after I tried to adapt. After all the pain, money, and scar tissue affects I listened to a far wiser voice - not to sound silly about it, but my soul's code.

It told me that the answer to them was, "Adios"! "A la ternidad".

I now choose to see myself as loved and adored unconditionally - and the topper (ha ha) is that I know that my sensuality and sexiness come from the tantric and foxy chick that I am already inside.

Happiness and beauty are emitted from my total self love and acceptance, as there is nothing more ecstatic than being who I am without compromise.

And last but not least, the real cat's meow is that now I am able to wear a life vest for kayaking and not have anything "stand" in its way!

Sometimes it is the "small" things in life that can make a difference!

"Jennifer Scalia is a spiritual seeker, healer and animal sanctuary operator who is based in St. Louis, Missouri. Her first column for SOUL'S CODE was The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. Visit Jennifer online at Elemental Pet Care. "