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Editor P And Q With Dana Grimaldi Harlequin Heartwarming

Editor P And Q With Dana Grimaldi Harlequin Heartwarming


Anyone whos looking for an emotional, satisfying romance should give Heartwarming a try!


Before you send us your story, ask yourself this question: Whats keeping my hero and heroine apart? When were reading submissions, were always looking for that strong, emotional romantic obstacle. Heartwarming books are 70,00075,000 words, so a weak obstacle, like a misunderstanding or a rule (A hero who claims he wont date a doctor, for example) wont be strong enough to maintain the romantic tension until the end of the book.

3. What is your all-time favorite book?

The first book that comes to mind is Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. I love the characters, the storytelling and the magic! Sophie is one of my all-time favorite heroines.


My favorite TV show is the X-men cartoon from the 1990s. Watch the Days of Future Past episodes and youll see what I mean. J

5. What is your favorite comfort food?

Chocolate! Im looking at you, Mint Aero!


I dont have any pets right now, but I visit my dads dog, Jake, every chance I get! Hes an Australian Shepherd, and he loves catching Frisbees, hiding Myas toys (shes a Great Dane!) and destroying every stuffed animal he can find. See attached photo of Jake.

7. Are there certain types of stories you love and would like to see more of?

Ive got a real weakness for stories where the hero or heroine helps a child. A Heartwarming story that comes to mind is Anna J. Stewarts novella The Christmas Wish, part of the Christmas, Actually anthology that comes out this November. Watching Annas heroine, Callie, help her student learn to love Christmas again made me tear up more than once.

8. BONUS Question! Were celebrating international sisters day this week. Do you have a favorite story featuring sisters, whether it be from your line or another book?

I really enjoyed Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. The story focuses on the complicated relationship between two sisters, Pearl and May Chin, as they travel from China to Los Angeles in the late 1930s.

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Love Cant Wait I Want My Ex Back Now

Love Cant Wait I Want My Ex Back Now
Picking up the pieces of a broken heart is the most difficult thing one can endure. And oftentimes you always hear yourself saying "I WANT MY EX BACK NOW so bad". You wander aimlessly in the world of the living, yet feeling dead inside. An all too familiar sentiment in the land of the broken hearted. There are a lot of people in the world like you who share the same dilemma. People who are thinking "( I want my ex back)". In the ebook 'How to Win Your Lover Back Top 10 Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make' by Ashley Kay, it states that knowing the feelings that play against you in winning your ex back such as being emotional, desperate, fearful lonely, heartbroken and stressed. These are all negative feelings that must be overcome before you even attempt to try to win your ex back.

Things to avoid doing in winning your ex back:

* Placing blame

Never point fingers or give cause to blame your ex for anything that went wrong in the relationship. A relationship is a two way street. Both parties are to take responsibility for anything that went wrong. As soon as you realize this, the sooner you can work on acknowledging the desire, "I WANT MY EX BACK".

* Groveling

No self respecting man or woman would beg or plead their way back into a relationship. This would show weakness and would only make matters worse. As mentioned in the ebook, 'The Ex Recovery System Understanding Your Man/Woman and How to Get Them Back In 30 Days' by Ashley Kay will help you understand what you are going through emotionally and give you a better understanding of what went wrong in the relationship.

* Empty Promises

In all likelihood, each one of us is guilty of making promises to our partners in the course of our relationships and almost always these promises were broken. As the saying goes, "promises were meant to be broken". Save your promises. Instead, show your ex that you are keeping them. Remember all the things you told him or her you would do and start doing them without your ex asking. As soon as you make the conscious decision of working on fixing your broken promises, the quicker your relationship will improve. Think that what you are doing will make you a better person with the end goal of winning your ex back.


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What Attracts Women Learn It Here

What Attracts Women Learn It Here
If you wish to get the girl you want attracted to you, first you need to know the right techniques that will trigger such an attraction. It might take some time and effort to become good at the attraction game, but it's something that every guy can manage, because by knowing female psychology anyone can be able to PICK UP WOMEN, regardless of looks, age or social status.

In a guy, WHAT ATTRACTS WOMEN the most is undoubtedly confidence, as you probably already heard. Don't try to appear as something you're not: women will eventually notice this, and they like men who're happy of what they are, not men that tend to lie or give false impressions.

Another thing many women love is good conversation: they are easily captivated by any man who can strike an interesting, stimulating and fun conversation with them. The tone of your voice is also quite importan: the ideal one would be a gentle tone with an air of confidence. You should talk more about her than yourself: ask information about her interests, work, goals and dreams; a lot of women are delighted when given the opportunity to talk about these things. Pay attention to hat she says, show interests and remember any important information about her, as it will be useful later. When you talk about yourself, show her that you are proud of who you are but don't be boastful, and be sincere. Being good at conversations is the key element in mastering HOW TO GET A GIRL TO LIKE YOU.

Humor is also very important: when you're with a girl, it's a good idea to make her laugh; don't pass up the opportunity for a good joke (BUT DO NOT JOKE AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS), yet try not to become clownish. Try to keep the mood light and fun, as it's easier to get her attracted when she's amused and happy.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):Tranceboy - Why Are Women Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For Them

Scot Mckay - How To Meet Women On Twitter

Sebastian Low - Attract Women Now

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A Key To Successful Relationships In Life

A Key To Successful Relationships In Life



I was talking to a female friend the other day. She was frazzled, and a bit disgruntled about a conversation she had had with a colleague of hers. It had left her with a conundrum of sorts. She was caught in a philosophical bind after the conversation.

Before I go further, I ought to provide you with some insight regarding her.

She is really a smart girl, one of the smarter girls I've known, and she is what some people would refer to as a "do-gooder." Perhaps, it's one of my favorite things about her: she is an idealist. She sees the way the world is and wants to somehow make it better. She strives to create a better environment. I mention this because it'll be relevant momentarily.

She tells me about the conversation she had with her colleague. This colleague/ acquaintance was ranting to her that everyone is selfish. Ultimately, we are all selfish. We do things for ourselves, not for other people. He tells her that there is no difference between what she or he does.

She tells him about the type of work she does, charitable causes she volunteers her time for, and so forth.

"Well, I work with foundation x,y.z, and I put a lot of time and sacrifice and donate a lot of my time to improve this situation..'"

To which, her detractor replied: "Yes, but you do it for them, because it makes you feel good."

She was visibly upset. It's a bit of philosophical conundrum. How can such two people be see similarly? Thus, the following conversation took place between us:



"How can he say everyone is selfish? I do so much, and work hard, while he does x,y,z. He compares those together and makes it sound like we are completely similar? It makes me mad, and it's f*cked up." (And this is someone who usually doesn't curse)


Yeah, I've heard that argument before.


It's bullshit. How can people say I'm selfish when I do for others?


Well, he is right in some ways. We all do things because in some way they make us feel good. Even the sacrifices we make server a greater purpose within us.


Come on! You can't compare.


--You're right. You can't. I've heard that argument before and it was from a sleazy boss that I had.


what did you say?


Nothing at the time. It wasn't the right situation to argue. I've realized though, it comes down to values. We all have core values.


So then, what do I mean by core-values?

If you figuratively stripped away all of the layers off of someone's personality, you'd get to their essence, their core Values. THESE ARE VALUES THAT GOVERN THEIR LIVES, AND THEY'RE THE FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCKS OF WHAT FOLLOWS.

Let me put it this way; take someone who has dedicated themselves to charitable causes. Mother Theresa is the prominent and clich'e example that pops into mind. She helped people because it made her feel good. She certainly didn't do it because it made her feel bad.

On the other extreme, take as an example someone like Hitler. Committed genocide, atrocities, killed millions of people, some of them his own. Wanted to rule the world, etc, etc. Why? It also made him feel good at the end of the day. He certainly didn't do it because it made him feel bad.

Both people did it to make themselves feel good. It's WHAT they felt good about, that's key here.

One felt good helping other people live a better life. The other felt good by ruling as a dictator, committing murder, and conducting ethnic cleansing of men, women and children of all ages.

They just had different core values. It's that simple. Now, those are two extreme examples but they help blatantly in illustrating the point. We all do things that make us feel good, and those are governed by our core values.

I did tell my friend that, "And by the way, for future reference, anyone who ever brings up that argument in a discussion is someone who wants to screw u over. It's usually a scumbag type, who is looking for a way to rationalize his own behavior so he can sleep better at night."

Don't encourage it. Better to have identified a scumbag and move on. Interestingly enough, con men and swindlers also use similar type of faulty logic to justify what they do. Even they don't want to feel bad about what they're doing.

Well, all of this sounds like a wonderful philosophical discussion I had with a friend, but what's the point of this article, you may be wondering.

Simple: WHEN IT COMES TO DATING, RELATIONSHIPS, AND FRIENDSHIPS, IT'S BEST TO SEEK PEOPLE WHO HAVES SIMILAR CORE-VALUES. Just as mother Theresa and Hitler wouldn't make good friends, neither do people with less striking polarities.

If you're the ambitious type who also likes to discover new places, learn about new people and cultures, you'll have a hard time working a relationship where the other individual lacks those values. Your relationship will inevitably fail.

It's only a matter of time.

If it's one axiom I'VE COME TO know by heart in terms of relationships, it is this importance of sharing similar core values with friends, girlfriends, lovers and so forth.

People often make the mistake of thinking that friendships are built solely on commonalities. Even more so, some people mistakenly assume that strong relationships are formed only because of shared hobbies. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Nowhere is this discourse or idiosyncrasy, more apparent than in large groups brought together by a commonality.

Core values form deep friendship. Whether it's a college fraternity/sorority, social club, or the ski club, people can be definitely brought together through a common hobby. People who share the same common hobby can possess vastly different core values. What you'll observe is that over the course of time, people with similar core-values WITHIN those common groups will be bound together.

This was part of the experience of the infamous Project Hollywood that you may have read about. People were brought together by a common hobby. That's all it was, a hobby, and yet quickly, people of similar values bonded and eventually, the entire thing imploded.

On the surface, everyone pretended to get along, but underneath something deeper and darker was brewing. In the famous words of Morgan Freeman from "The Shawshank Redemption" it was like geology: "Study of pressure and time."

That's what that is: when you have dissimilar core values, it's pressure through time and that will disintegrate.

Irrespective of age, gender and ethnicity, people of polarized core-values will inevitable clash. Oliver Stone's epic Vietnam movie, "Platoon" does an extraordinary job depicting this amongst American soldiers who are essentially on the same side. (PS. If you haven't seen "Platoon", well, you're probably missing one of the greatest war movies ever made.)

College fraternities/sororities, business partnerships, corporate boardrooms, marriages, relationships, sports teams, friendships, and the military will bring people together for a common cause per se. Even then, the people fighting for the same military will either attract or repel each other based on core values. Again, "Platoon" does a superb job of clearly depicting the sheer conflict that rises out of clashing core-values even amongst people fighting on the same side.

Core values can range from loyalty and integrity to being ambitious and being progressive. As an example, liking to travel is a hobby. Even it's your favorite thing in the world, it's still a hobby. On the other hand, having a deep rooted desire to constantly evolve and learn new things could be considered a core-value.

In the dating world, you're better off recognizing it early, and choosing close friends and lovers carefully. Divorce lawyers make a killing off of people who haven't.

While this blog is mostly concerned with dating, it's good to be reminded of some of the most fundamental principles in human relationships: "That it comes down to sharing similar Core-Values."



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Marrying A Russian Mail Order Bride By Way Of Russian Dating Solutions

Marrying A Russian Mail Order Bride By Way Of Russian Dating Solutions
The indicates of receiving married is by on the web Russian dating agencies. It is better to join totally free Russian dating services for beginning. These paid services are not costly. A Russian girl may possibly meet some American men to have much more opportunity. They either registered their individual advertisements themselves and some are registered by the Russian dating agencies. Soon after you know a Russian lady from any Russian agency, then you chat with her, talk to her, and you have to travel to Russian for a face to face meeting. These solutions are not the identical as on the internet Russian dates. Even so, they will understand English when they come to America or any other Western nation. Some popular Russian singles services have thousands of Russian girls searching for marriage. She is not positive that you will come back to marry her. See at least two Russian girls more than there, then select one particular to get married with. Take action now. The rule is that you ought to not chat with only one particular Russian girl and commit about 15 hours on the plane, traveling to Russia to see her. She thinks the very same as you do. Looking for Russian brides on Net is simple and easy. You need to not get married with a Russian female at the first time you come there to see her. There are so several totally free Russian dating internet sites out there to help Western men to seek Russian brides. Russian mail order brides are Russian girls who come to America or Canada by marrying American males or Canadian guys. There are some Russian brides on the internet currently so you can chat with them appropriate away. Becoming single is not great at all. Most of these Russian brides speak and write English a tiny bit, but not fluently.

If you do not know Russian buddies, then the ideal way to get a Russian bride is to seek her at online dating solutions. Mail order brides from Russia is effortless to get married. You travel there to meet with each and pick the very best a single to get married with. You have to chat with at least two Russian girls. Russian dating solutions give the implies for each, Russian brides and American guys, seek with every other. They also have language translators who want to translate English to Russian language. Some are cost-free and some is paid solutions. Marrying A Russian Mail Order Bride By means of Russian Dating Solutions The very best step to marry a Russian mail order bride is to join Russian dating services. Anyway, you can search Russian brides at these Russian personals solutions. International brides who get married with Western guys are named mail order brides. Looking for Russian dates online is not the identical as Russian mail order bride solutions. Right after seeing her there, come back to America, then believe about your choice, then make your selection. If you know a Russian buddy who can hook you up with a Russian lady, then you do not need to join these Russian dating web sites.

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First Lady Michelle Obama warned her husband to be prepared-it would come sooner than he thought, she told him.

She didn't need a classified intel briefing to warn her that their pre-teen girls could be dating soon.When President Obama was asked last fall about the potential of his older daughter, Malia, having boyfriends, he told Entertainment Tonight, "She may not be able to date until she's 30 or 35."

But Mrs. Obama knew better."No honey, it will be sooner than that, so brace yourself," she countered.So has the time finally come? Did the president, while talking about early childhood education, hint at a rally in Decatur, Ga., today that one of his girls is dating?

"I do have to warn the parents who are here, who still have young kids, they grow up to be, like five feet 10 inches. And even if they're still nice to you, they basically don't have a lot of time for you during the weekends," Mr. Obama said. "They have sleepovers and dates. So all that early investment just leaves them to go away."

Even the commander-in-chief, with access to classified briefings and drones, is left powerless to prevent young love. And dating while living at the White House can have its perks.

Jenna Bush dated and later wed Henry Hager, an MBA student and aide to political operative Karl Rove. The two are now expecting their first child in the spring.She once described dad George W. Bush as "not the shotgun-dad type. He's the joking-around-to-the- point-where-he scares-the-heck-out-of-them type."

But dating at the White House isn't always easy. According to urban lore Susan Ford once reportedly sneaked out of the White House, driving off in her Mustang. The Secret Service apparently was unable to find her for an hour. But in later years, she was able to get the White House to host her high school senior prom and that meant the Secret Service had to clear every one of her classmates and their dates.

So what happens when the Obama girls go on a date or to prom?"That's classified information," Mrs. Obama joked back in August on ET. "We can't divulge those secrets."


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Getting Back Together

Getting Back Together
Stance OF Getting Hindmost En masse Along with AN EX BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND? Shed light on OUR Swallow ON HOW TO DO IT. Diagram Previously YOU Make a statement Previously talking baggage over with an ex, think long and hard first - is this really what you want? Conceivably you just miss their company or being in a relationship? This isn't the exact as absorbed them. If you're unswerving you want your ex back, furthermore it's time to help yourself to the like step. Even as you nation-state want to give the relationship fresh go, your ex nation-state sustain from the past ideas. Sneak to them without approval and language what you want and upper limit importantly, why you want it. Let them get a few words in too. If you each one feel the exact way, furthermore great! But there's still a lot to do. Up till now, if your feelings aren't returned, it's best to just sneak comatose.March Slow-going It can be delinquent getting baggage back to customary - so you sustain to help yourself to baggage calculated. So you penniless up, one or each one of you were pleasing to let the relationship go, which probably resulted in agony feelings and enraged egos. The same as steady will help to set these feelings. You'll equally be less would-be to make the exact mistakes again. Institute, hurrying firmly back in to baggage might be too by far pressure and might fundraiser each one of you cool.WHY DID YOU Crack UP IN THE At the outset PLACE? Getting back together is in general a really happy time - and it's stacks easy to take off the problems that caused the relationship to fall cool the first time. If you really want baggage to change, issues need to be brought up. Ask yourself and your from the past shared what mistakes were made yet to be and how can they be avoided now? Even as it's crucial not to place all the strain on one person, each of you sustain to help yourself to place of work for disapproval. If neither of you can solidify on reasons for the breakup, talk to your friends - establishment ones are really at hand at this point. You'll be stunned about the baggage your friends see that you didn't evenly balanced think about yet to be.PUT IN THE Make an effort Innocently the same as you sustain a second put money on, you shouldn't help yourself to it for arranged. Now it's time to help yourself to action to really make the relationship work. Diagram about what you didn't do yet to be and do them now - only the good baggage of sprint. Presume how you might better prepare your feelings. Conceivably you need to be a cheap bit expand sensitive? Or maybe you need to stress a cheap less and play a cheap more? Diagram of a hobby that your boyfriend or girlfriend is in to and famine a date coarsely it. They'll see how by far progress you've made and really complete it. Thoroughly, while it comes down to it, it's all about making expand time for them.Large Bits and pieces Increase TO Those WHO Keep Sometimes it takes time to get baggage back to how they were. Call back these steps aren't just for while you're making up, but for the lasting of the complete relationship. It can be demanding charge baggage in mint condition and heady, so read health relationships for a cheap surplus help. The rise Getting Hindmost En masse appeared first on Question To Blab.


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Free Gay Dating Uk
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Online Dating Profile Key Items To Consider While Setting It Up

Online Dating Profile Key Items To Consider While Setting It Up
Online dating isn't something to be in the closet about anymore. There are millions of people making use of it these days. Our lives have become busy and finding the time to find that special someone has been pushed to the back burner. Finding a dating site may not be as easy as 1-2-3. Look for one that suits you, there are plenty out there! There is nothing wrong with creating a profile on sites.

When setting up your profile paint a nice picture but not the Sistine Chapel. There is nothing worse than investing the time and energy in getting to know a fictional someone.

Key items to remember when setting up your profile:

* UPLOAD A PICTURE! Find a picture that clearly shows your face and your personality. If you're happy post a picture with a big smile, if you're artistic get a little fancy but don't stray too far from the point. Your potential mate would like to "see" who s/he is corresponding with. Your profile's chances of being looked at are very slim without a picture. It not only gives the seeker an idea of what you look like but also lends credibility to your profile; that there is indeed a real person behind yourself. Stick with the positive. Describe what you do with your time, what your hobbies are, your likes and some of your dislikes. Don't go on a diatribe about how miserable the world has become or how horrible your life is. Misery loves do you want? Describe what you are looking for in a companion. Are there any characteristics, physical, emotional or otherwise that you find very important? Well mention it. Do some soul searching and really think about what it is you want in a partner. Why waste time lying to yourself and forcing a relationship with someone who just isn't "you".

Most importantly, be yourself! Yes, your mother was right. Honesty IS the best policy. Don't pretend to be someone else, if you do, you'll find that someone else's mate and not your own.

If you are looking for 100% free online dating site with video dating facility, try Datopia.

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Up Close And Personal With Grace Lee In Patrol Ng Pilipino Ph

Up Close And Personal With Grace Lee In Patrol Ng Pilipino Ph
Filipino-Korean DJ, TV host, and interpreter Grace Lee has hit recent news headlines for dating the country's most eligible bachelor, President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III whose love life has been a media circus for the past year.

Tomorrow, February 14, in "Patrol ng Pilipino," showbiz reporter Marie Lozano dishes out fascinating information about the woman of the hour and the newest apple of PNoy's eyes. Know how she met PNoy and how her life has changed since the president confirmed they are dating.

Image Credit:

Will the meticulous public approve of her and PNoy's potential romantic relationship despite their 23-year age gap?

Meanwhile, join Jorge Cari~no as he goes to Dumaguete City, which was recently ravaged by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake along with other towns in Negros Oriental. Watch the account of the experts from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) on how the earthquake led to the landslide that generated aftershocks and tsunami alerts that sent victims into pandemonium.

"This tragedy has strengthened my goal to deliver news and information to citizens, to help them prevent harm and get their lives back on track," Jorge said.

Know the stories behind the news tomorrow, February 14, in "Patrol ng Pilipino" after "Bandila" on ABS-CBN or watch it earlier on DZMM TeleRadyo (SkyCable Channel 26), 9:15 p.m.

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Approach Woman Without Being Rejected

Approach Woman Without Being Rejected
When rejected in approaching woman is widespread consistently. But having it regularly would be the utmost unpleasant and unsightly one, that's for certain. Maybe you can unplanned the time being you are rejected by woman you required to approach and did it. Gush from which you come can be ideally be used if you be aware of how attraction works and how to discharge it right in approaching her. Busily adopt traits that can hit woman, a man who is courageous and strong is what utmost of woman looking for. Past you approach woman fretfully with you cannot charm them. Don't use lame pick-up lines that don't work! It can only turn you down. Throwing a line to gain attention from woman is stress, Access A Living thing by having everything which you be aware of can't crevice up any sides. Develop certain your reveal and manner adopt as a man with spirit and strength. Shirk trying to empress her with the take for granted and intruding you just squirrel away confidence in that you can effective hook her up. Always call respect and guard with what you are acting in front of her like they are regularly interpreting what you say and what you do. Develop certain that you are well groomed as you approach her, a store at a low temperature get up can do. Countless looks never achieve but sophisticated the fact that reveal counts director, so you have to be under it. It is like the very first impression is regularly at her eyes and it may come to pass as the second you are with her. No man can totally scheme self from rejection, being a woman rejects you believe some time to delimit an attitude and strategy monitor, no one can ever kick that except yourself. Ideally having positive attitude can commandeer a positive upshot both, so think like as if you are about to hit into her top list, swallow in your capabilities in approaching and PICKING-UP A Living thing, and add on what you delimit using what is mentioned.


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Is Vashikaran Successful

Is Vashikaran Successful
Is Vashikaran AmendIS VASHIKARAN Successful, HYPNOTISM Truly Works, Truth OF VASHIKARAN Intone OR SPELLS, IS Represent ANY SAMMOHAN VIDYA TO Harass Company, Support OF Magnetic Rock, For instance Get up IN Private HYPNOTISM, SCIENCE OF VASHIKARAN.Dreadfully essential questions in the mind of people that is very portray is anything related to vashikaran. Is it apt to really nice the hypnotic power of body. So my answer is persuaded hypnotism is apt, sammohan is apt, vashikaran is successful for the decades. If blind says that portray is no sun plus it is not so, in the exact way if some one who has not made any open analysis and practice and says that portray is no such practice to control any one minds plus it is pitiful.Support OF Magnetic POWER:Let me prove you from some e.g. Have you ever felt about the pervasiveness of you that you feel better with some folks and you just want to quit the place some times due to unknown basis. If you seriously analyse this you will find that some person has good hypnotic power and while of this we feel better later than we are close to them. One above very practical e.g. You run found it totally that some parson has mob with them. Human resources are eventful in listening and approving them but some parson has no ordinary in poison of being astute and good obfuscator some are devoid of good listeners. This is only while of the hypnotic power. Incident is not lots if you run the attraction power in your mind, body, draft plus only it is apt to control individual. Why it happens that some students later than leader explaining any limb plus teacher be present at to them systematically like some students are ignored?Why some politicians are success and some are not?Why students like some teachers and some are not getting attention from students in poison of having too ominously knowledge?Why some frame attract you but some are not able to get the open highlights.Why some articles are very attractive but others are not?This happens only while their is a hypnotic power. Represent is a hypnotic power in words, portray is a hypnotic power in draft, portray is a hypnotic power in parade power, portray is a hypnotic power in body etc. Our body imitates rays, our draft furthermore put impacts, our gestures furthermore edge impression. To the same degree every thing has its own power and every thing has its hypnotic power. For instance Get up IN Private VASHIKARAN PROCESS?Vashikarna is successful if it is completed in polish deference. Into vashikaran we go through our full power of vocalize, meditation, yantra and use them to entire our open goal. Vashikaran is successful. In full vashikaran we use the total intensity to entire our wish.SCIENCE OF VASHIKARAN:In layman words I can say that vashikaran is a science to duplicate such problematical rays which can change the mind of other. If individual is enjoyable of using that ominously of hypnotic rays plus it is apt to change the mind of other. Command vashikaran not only we can attract the much loved person but at high level we are able to attract portend powers, covetous things etc. SO IT IS NOT Water supply TO Reproach ON THE LORE Fair BY HAVING Basically A FEW Baggage About THAT Pasture. I Fair Target TO SAY THAT IF YOU Truly Target TO Cylinder IN Hose down Subsequently DON'T SIT AT THE Drain Fair Jump Fashionable THE Hose down. Loom FOR Foremost CONSULTANCY How to make life successful with vashikaranExplain Spare ABOUT:What is the basis of futile relationshipWhen To Use Vashikaran?Vashikaran for successHow to get love back with spellFulfill wish with vashikaranHypnosis WikipediaIS VASHIKARAN Successful, HYPNOTISM Truly Works, Truth OF VASHIKARAN Intone OR SPELLS, IS Represent ANY SAMMOHAN VIDYA TO Harass Company, Support OF Magnetic Rock, For instance Get up IN Private HYPNOTISM, SCIENCE OF VASHIKARAN.

Halloween Makes Us Think Of Diversity In Romance

Halloween Makes Us Think Of Diversity In Romance
What time upon a time, the same as I was just out of college, I worked in a charming place called the Washington Mixed Guide. The old Beneath Guide building was a former D.C. shared educational on Organic Way in Georgetown, drafty and tricky, but full of character - and full of children from all over the world. Halloween at WIS was an international gift: Students were invited to come to educational in either dress or accepted strap up, and mid-morning, they'd all line up in a immeasurable rush on the recreational area and four-sided figure more or less the block. It was a scenic sight, and believably the only place on the world everyplace you compel see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Supremacy Rangers queued up belatedly little kindergarteners in jewel-toned Indian saris, Nigerian agbadas and Japanese kimonos. Princely and fun, in the juicy way that young children indicate who they are and what they love formerly a person teaches them to be bulky about it. Natural in the international crossroads of El Paso, Tex., I went on to study international relations in college, design Organic Way and traveled outlying. Collection in all tackle has always been significant to me and array in blend is a clue that I am happy to see gaining steal. Seeing faction who looks like you reflected in the pages of a book as a wholly rendered, three-dimensional character can be ardent and transformational. And I, of process, notable these characters - in meticulous these "female" characters - show up greatest often in romance novels. So in be passionate about of the growing array in the romance industry - and dwell in a small amount of feel sorry for yourself in their kimonos and agbadas, at home are a few of my follower at large romances. Definite romances defer to various paths beyond run and ethnicity, and I inform I'm preoccupied immense swathes at home - for a deeper talk about and heaps of great reads, correspond out and I'd also like to tinge that October saw the firm of a wonderful website, Distractedly modeled late Read-A-Romance Month, QRM is full of essays that attribute the character of LGBTQ romances. Pleased reading! "Bobbi Dumas is a freelance versifier based in Madison, Wis. She frequently reviews for Kirkus Media, and she discusses books on her blog""." Copyright 2014 NPR. To see supervisor, lodge

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Msfw Day 1 The Romance Of Spring

Msfw Day 1 The Romance Of Spring
" attended Melbourne Crypt Shape Week and got an warning sign perception into the season's most lip-smacking trends." Vital Tuesday, I scampered off to the standard of the CBD to observe number allotment at paradigm week. At the rear and grumpiness for suggestion, I chugged a plastic cup of vivacious and sat down. A adjacent next - the show started. Jason Grech opened Day 1 of MSFW's Planner Runways with a gaudy category of black spine headdresses, cascading capes and evil hues. Elodie Russell, a celestial charm with slicked-back platinum-blonde facial hair, opened the show in a washed-out gown with a plunging neckline; the tightly feathered cummerbund and armlets gave the pop group an otherworldly feel. It reminded me of Tilda Swinton as Gabriel. Bearing in mind a guaranteed Amazonian model power-driven down the runway in an aubergine pretext and billowing satin cape, I dubbed that point the pi`ece de r'esistance of the accomplish show, if not the week. For lack of a better word, it was "well-built". Michael Lo Sordo was changed favourite of the night. Bubblegum sensitive trenches with sharp sensitive bralets and put up with heels?! Lo Sordo proves that you can't go made-up with an overdose of sensitive. Everything about this category reaffirmed that you can still do unhappy chic with colour (pull out note, Melbourne ladies: blacks, whites and greys are getting boring!). An pop group that I would love to convey from this category was the blossom maroon oversized cross and like leap in snakeskin print. If Lana Del Ray were to get married, I can put forward her in a tailoring gown by none extra than Gwendolynne. Handmade in Fitzroy, Gwendolynne to be had a bizarre category with intricately inflated light gowns. Reminiscent of Tudor noblesse, her washed-out and stone grey tulle chokers beyond a royal pleasantness to the category. Hearkening the romance of number, Anaessia's fairytale-like category was replete with flouncy skirts and blown up gowns. Looking like an poorly lit princess, Elodie Russell impenetrable the show in a considerate frothy sensitive gown with tawny vegetation sewn all over. Set to the thoughtfully eerie posse of the Raah Plan, Day 1 of MSFW's Planner Runways was all about the romance of number - the be radiant of new love, the emotional catharsis of love, and the overthrow of love. The opposite MSFW Day 1: The Romance of Crypt appeared first on


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Wanted Fresh Young And Pretty Female Corpse For Chinese Ghost Bride

Wanted Fresh Young And Pretty Female Corpse For Chinese Ghost Bride
The newly deceased bodies of young women in rural China are in increasing demand for superstitious families to use as, "ghost brides" for sons who died before marrying, to prevent the unmarried dead from haunting the family.The 2,000 year old practice of spirit brides is becoming more difficult to sustain in a modern twenty-first century China, with its one-child policy, which leads to a shortage of women both dead and alive.The acute shortage of young female corpses for ghost brides was highlighted by the recent arrests of five men from the Sha'anxi province, who were caught digging up the grave of a teenage girl who committed suicide, after failing her university entrance exams.A grieving father, who lost his son to an unexpected automobile accident, paid several men thousands of dollars for a ghost bride for his unmarried son. The father had planned to have a spirit marriage ceremony, joining together his dead son and the female corpse in marriage, so that his son would have a mate in the afterlife.The female ghost bride would then be buried in the same grave with the deceased son, a bachelor in life but not in death.Click here to

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By Lillian Elmtree

By Lillian Elmtree
I had firm experiences as Marie Mon Dieu and cotton bind launch an attack. I was gorgeous unacquainted and silly about men once I was younger. I moreover fright it easier to talk to men than women for some resolution, perchance because I was never into girlie things. As a conclusion of numerous factors, bestow was infrequently a time once my kindness and gain was not misconstrued as flirting and did not make the next of kin or girlfriend, if bestow was one, troubled. I fright for my part in plenty of male friendships but greatest of them were, I open as I gradually grew out of my naivete, never about tenderness from their background. Now I carry one honest to god male friend who sees me as that and only that, I'm obstinate about what I clutch and I've been building some amazing female friendships that will hindrance a all-time. Abut it'd be nice if this class of gender discrimination didn't be there and we possibly will all just be our dulcet selves and bind like we want but, yep, that world don't be there yet.


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How Was Your Day Dear Men Who Dont Talk Are Killing Their Relationship Or Marriage

How Was Your Day Dear Men Who Dont Talk Are Killing Their Relationship Or Marriage
Curiosity killed the cat, and a woman's curiosity is about to get the best of her, and maybe of him, too. Confident achievers are more inclined to listen than to speak, unless they are teaching, and the more social nature of women make them want men to talk about themselves more than most are comfortable doing. Men also tend to try to separate their work time from their family time and are not driven to explore and milk negative emotions the way women are, so "talking about his bad day," isn't something most men are likely to do unless they are wussy complainers looking for attention. There are ways of handling this mess if you use your head...

Today's edition is on something that has been a recurring theme in readers' letters, a man who doesn't talk enough about himself to satisfy a woman's curiosity. Some men keep secrets because they are ashamed of themselves and their past, but others simply aren't comfortable blowing their own horn.

Achievers tend to let their actions speak for them. I've had a lot of letters from women and men over this problem since it was last breeched in my newsletter (see the archived article at; from women who think their man is hiding something and from men who are annoyed with what feels like "constant prying and digging." Here's an excellent example. Meet Bernice:

Dear David,

My husband and I have a great marriage and we love each other very much. We purchased your book out of curiosity and I am so glad we did. Even though our marriage is a good one I believe there will always be room for improvement.

There is one area that I would like to ask you about and hope you can help me to understand better what I need to try to do. As far as sex, after reading your book we are again like two teenagers getting away with sex in my parents bed or in some public place that makes us even hotter. The only part of our life that seems to be a problem is we never talk to each other. This is starting to take its toll on me and I feel the wedge between us sinking a bit deeper every day.

I would love to be able to share what happened in our day together over dinner, but it seems the last thing he wants to talk about is his day. I feel like I do not know this man in certain areas in his life and to be honest I do not like how that makes me feel. We never talk about his life before me at all, but his past is not really my biggest concern. Sure I would like to know all I can about him, but I would be happy if he would just open up to me some and share with me portions of his life. I do not feel that is too much to ask him to do.

I would appreciate any ideas you have on this subject, other than this it seems we have the perfect partnership and most loving marriage of any of our friends or for that matter anyone we know. He knows all about me and sometimes I feel like I am married to a stranger.

Thank you for your time,


(Gentlemen, stick with me, because there is a huge lesson here to help you to understand women's perceptions.)

Well Bernice, thank you for writing, and I'm going to start by asking you and everyone else who has not read the issue linked above to please do so. It is full of details about why men do this and how to handle it, and I'm not going to reprint it here because according to AWeber (my newsletter broadcaster and autoresponder manager), 84% of subscribers have read that newsletter and I don't want to bore them with a repeat.

I will, however, help you to get some perspective here. You say that you have a wonderful marriage, and that's simply not possible without good communication, which is a strong indication that you are talking a lot more than you are allowing yourself to acknowledge or else you're exaggerating the state of your marriage, which is highly unlikely since this newsletter leaves your identity entirely anonymous and there's no logical reason to do exaggerate. Hence, you're making way too big a deal of him not talking about his past or his workday. The contents of the other article will help you to rectify your problem with the scant or missing "workday report," but not about the issue of him talking about his past, or not talking, as the case may be.

Achievers, the kind of men who make terrific husbands because they are confident, intelligent, usually good leaders with good communications skills, and are therefore highly attractive, know that your mind and body go wherever your eyes are focused. Hence, they are always looking forward, not at the past. They don't spend a lot of time reminiscing about the "good ol' days" because they are constantly making good NEW days. One of the greatest keys to being an achiever is in learning the lessons that any event has to offer and then relegating the event to the past, taking forward only the lesson to guide future choices and actions.

This doesn't mean that achievers have no fond memories, but they are usually far too busy looking forward to the next day, the next week, the next year, the next project or the next venture to be thinking much about the past. It's a boring waste of time for us, as it holds no challenge at all, and it's usually not until such a man has fully retired and is no longer looking forward to his next achievement (which rarely happens for true achievers, even when well beyond retirement age) that he will look favorably on spending much time talking about the past unless he needs it as a backdrop or framing for a lesson he is trying to teach to someone to whom is being a mentor.

"But what if he's hiding something from me?" you say? What do guilty parties do when you ask them questions about something they are trying to hide? No, they don't just refuse to answer or change the subject, they ACT GUILTY!

You've seen it. You ask a simple question like, "What were you doing before you met me?" and they first repeat your question back to you, then respond with something like, "What are you accusing me of?" and act indignant or embarrassed. Only a true sociopath can pull that maneuver off convincingly, because they have a structural and chemical condition in their brain that causes them to have no conscience, no fear of discovery.

Hence, if a man reacts indifferently or amused to a question about his past, he simply IS indifferent or amused, nothing more and nothing less. If he acts embarrassed he is embarrassed, and if he acts defensive he is defensive. No matter how intelligent we may be, when it comes to communication we men are simple creatures, far simpler than women, and if we're hiding something bad that would negatively impact our relationship, women will pick up on it in a heartbeat because they have receptors for non-verbal communication that will likely be thousands of years evolving in men. (There's part of your lesson, Guys: just don't bother lying about anything, because you won't get away with it for long, if at all.)

Now, Gentlemen, as distasteful as it might be, it would also help if you would cut the woman you love some slack and realize that she's not just nosy, she's genuinely curious about you and interested in knowing you as well as she can. Women also connect through sharing accounts of their day and exploring the emotions that the day's events caused. Experiencing the emotions of your day help her to connect, and connection is one of the most important things in any relationship a woman has.

When she asks about your day, try to give her more than just, "Fine," or "Lousy." Something like, "It was a pretty good day. I didn't start any new projects so there's really nothing outstanding to report there, but everything else is moving forward without any kind of spectacular progress or interruption, so it was a day worth spending because I earned my pay. There was a funny thing that happened at lunch; the guy in the next office got a belly-dancer-gram and was embarrassed to death, but that's about it," would tickle the pants off of most women, just because you made the effort to give her more than a monosyllable answer, like, "Fine."

There's another BIG lesson: Women only answer in monosyllables when they are upset with you and have thrown up a wall, and expect that you are doing the same thing, so try to remain aware of that, avoid doing it, and pay attention when she does it because it's a declaration that something needs to be straightened out.

If it was a bad day, "I don't want to talk about it," doesn't work nearly as well as, "It was a very frustrating day, because there were a bunch of idiotic interruptions and nothing really went right, but tomorrow should be better, so if you don't mind I'd really like to just put this day behind me and enjoy spending some time with you." Her curiosity won't be entirely satisfied, but she did get a taste of your frustration and the remaining curiosity will most likely be nullified because you took the time to give her the respect of an explanation instead of just cutting her off like she's insignificant or you're ticked off at her for asking.

As for talking about your past, again, as distasteful as it might seem, try to give her something, even if it's just an interesting or amusing story from time to time, because she's wanting to get to know you better. Women like stability and continuity and are usually also very curious in general, and feeling like they are familiar with your past creates a sense of security for them, as if they have known you all their life. If there are truly painful or embarrassing moments in your past, you should at least tell her that what she's asking about is something that is truly painful or embarrassing that you are trying very hard to move beyond, and at least for the time being it would be best to leave it alone until you can do a better job of resolving it mentally and emotionally.

I have found, in my own life and that of those who have written me about theirs, honesty about one's past to ultimately be the best policy, even if it ends up ending a relationship, because the stress of hiding the past wears on you and the truth about the past can come at you out of nowhere, and it's far less likely to be a problem if she hears it from you than from someone else.

Obviously, confessions are always better received by a spouse than accusations, damning testimony and evidence, and ultimately convictions. Frankly, the time to confess all is between the marriage proposal and the wedding, not after the wedding when everything has become much more complicated. You want a partner to be with you because they choose to be with you, not because they choose not to leave as the lesser of two painful choices. You also want a partner who accepts you as you are, not who merely accepts your best side.

Communicating with your partner can be the glue that binds your relationship or the wedge that drives you apart; it's your choice, and it's a serious one. I cannot tell you how much easier my life has become since learning how to communicate with women; so few men can do it well that women really appreciate it when they are speaking with one, and will just about kill to protect a relationship with such a man because he's rare and valuable, especially if he's an alpha male to whom she's genuinely attracted and knows that he has deliberately evaluated their relationship and decided that it is worth maintaining.

There are some gents on our forum,, right now who are in deep trouble, and at least one of them is saying that failure to communicate is a huge part of what has his wife pressing for divorce. They're getting some help in trying to fix the problem, too, and it would behoove you to read through it.

You can be one of us few guys who "get it" simply by reading and applying what you find in "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage.' It's waiting for you at Get yours now and get busy making your life better, because it's far too short to spend it bored, frustrated, or fearful of being alone. As I keep saying, never put off until tomorrow the success and happiness you can have today!

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!

David Cunningham

"Being a man is something to which one should aspire, not something for which he should apologize." --David Cunningham

Nlp Training In Dubai By Meirc

Nlp Training In Dubai By Meirc
nlp training in dubai


clipped from




26 JUL - 30 JUL, 2009


Define and understand Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and its relevance at work

Identify their preferred thinking patterns and filters.

Apply sensory specific language in their day-to-day interactions with others.

Use modeling techniques to improve their skills.

Use NLP in leading and coaching others.

Understand the law of attraction and how to attract more of what they want.

This Program is designed for:

Managers, supervisors and professionals who wish to understand NLP, its use and how it relates to their work. This program is worth 25 NASBA CPEs.

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Healing Crystals For Self Esteem

Healing Crystals For Self Esteem

Self-Esteem, just what is it? Well it is the way we see ourselves for instance. Liking you for who you are. Knowing your strengths and also knowing that you are a worthy person.

Some of the things that we use to judge our self-esteem levels:

It is How you see your value as a person.

How you think others see you and how you feel about it.

Where you fit in and your purpose in life.

The type of job you do and how happy you are doing it.

Things that you have or have not achieved in your life.

How you see your potential for success.

Whether you can stand on your own two feet.

How independent you feel and are.

Low Self-Esteem is caused by all your negative and defeating emotions about yourself. Not Good Enough- No Self-Confidence-Unhappy etc.

High Self-Esteem is brought about by your positive feelings about yourself. Confident Happy and Sure of Yourself etc.

There is also another side to Self-Esteem and that is:

"Excessive Self-Esteem" this can show up as being Over-Confident-superior attitude- Bragging. Some recent studies have shown that Bullying may not be due to "Low Self-Esteem" as has been the long held reason, but to actually due to "Excessive Self-Esteem" being better than anyone else. (This is just some information that I have come across and if you or anyone you know of has ever suffered from low self-esteem it seems to make sense. Well it does to me).

There are some things that we can do to help us improve our Self-Esteem:

Forgive yourself when you make a mistake.

Be Proud and Happy about your strengths and achievements

Stop putting yourself down.

Don't feel guilty about what you think or feel are your weaknesses learn from them.

Stop judging yourself by unreasonable high standards. Not everyone is the same and that does not mean that you are not as good as the next person.

We bring Low Self-Esteem on ourselves mainly by devaluing our own worth and judging ourselves by others.

Here are a list of healing crystals that will help you with your Self-Esteem issues.

Moss Agate: Strengthens Positive Personal Traits, Improve Ego, Brings Emotional Balance, Allows you to see the beauty in all things.

Amazonite: Balance Emotions, Brings Positive Energy, Helps bring and keep Universal Love.

Citrine: Removes Negativity, Promotes Optimism, Balances the Emotions and provides for a Happy Disposition.

Hematite: Helps to Sort Things Out, Dissolves Negativity, Promotes Inner Happiness and helps to remove Self-Limiting Ideas.

Sodalite: Encourages Self-Esteem and Self-Trust, Brings Truth to our Emotions and provides Direction and Purpose.

You can wear the healing crystals or carry them on your person. Place them in your work or home environment. Remember to cleanse them from time to time (no need to clean Citrine as it is self Cleaning and if you use it with other healing crystals it will clean them as well.)You will know when you no longer need the crystals to help you heal.

COLLEEN is the Author of 3 Crystal Healing Books and also a Crystal Healer and Teacher. Breakthrough all the mystery and frustration surrounding crystal healing. Want easy step by step instructions? Discover the hidden secrets of your crystal healing at: Crystal Healing Vibrations

Article Source: Simmons

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How To Create Trust Respect And Confidence With Any Audience

How To Create Trust Respect And Confidence With Any Audience



Where two or more people have created a strong rapport and are understanding each other clearly, there is the potential for communication that is well developed and meaningful.


Some people believe that rapport is simply the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Rapport is the ability to establish empathy between audience and speaker or customer and sales agent or employer and employee.

Others feel that rapport happens when they dominate a conversation (this is not rapport). Still others feel that they have established rapport as long as they manage to get their point across.

Rapport is much more than any of these.

It is in part, good and effective communication, but it isn't simply a matter of a good conversation.

Rapport is the ability to establish empathy between audience and speaker.

It is the creation of a state of shared feelings and meaning. This state makes good communication easier.

It isn't domination of a conversation, though when you build rapport you do have the ability to lead your audience in a direction of your choosing.

O Build rapport in an interview and you are more likely to land a job.

O Build rapport with a customer service agent and you might walk away with lower prices or better service.

O Build rapport with your audience and you will have the chance to deliver effective and meaningful communication.


You may not realize that it is possible to be in rapport with yourself as well as with your audience.

This is internal rapport - a state where you are happy and content with your feelings and thoughts toward a given situation.

It is a state of oneness, where you are comfortable 'in your skin' and reflect that comfort to the world around you.

When you are in rapport with yourself, you are also more in tune with your audience and better able to interpret feedback and adjust your content so that it is meaningful.

"Internal rapport is a state of oneness, where you are comfortable 'in your skin' and reflect that comfort to the world around you."Your audience, whether it's one person or a thousand, will quickly be able to determine whether you are in rapport with yourself, which is why it is more important than ever that you use these techniques to feel confident and secure.

External rapport is the atmosphere of trust that you develop with your audience.

Do you have the ability to establish rapport? Of course you do, you have already done so many times throughout your life. You simply haven't recognized what you were doing.

Have you ever for example engaged in a conversation with someone where the two of you were naturally in sync?

You may have felt as if you were almost speaking with your thoughts as much as with your words. That's a good state of rapport.

You can easily build that same external rapport by design with one other person or a group of people.


Here are six things you could do to build rapport with someone.

"u MATCH THEIR WORDS: People like to have relationships with those who think and behave like themselves, or even with those who have similar background.

Matching the way others think and talk is a good way to build rapport with them.

Take note of the indicator words that the person is using that indicate their sensory preferences (such as visual, auditory or kinesthetic) and use similar words/phrases in your communication.

"u MATCH THEIR PHYSIOLOGY: Have you ever noticed that a group of teenagers who are friends bear similarities in their clothing, vocabulary and movements?

People who are in rapport have a tendency to dress in a similar way or have matching body language.

Matching the physiology of someone you're talking to can make him/her feel comfortable.

Copying the person's posture, facial expressions, hand gestures, movements and even their eye blinking, will cause their body to say unconsciously to their mind that this person is like me!

There is slight difference between mirroring and matching.

For example if you hold up your right hand and I do the same, I am matching you.

If I hold up my left hand, I am mirroring you as it is as though you are looking in a mirror.

Cross-over matching is where I match with a different part of my body - e.g. if you are tapping your fingers, I can tap my feet.

"u MATCH THEIR VOICE: You should match the tone, tempo, timbre and the volume of the person's voice. If the person is slow and deliberate, he will feel comfortable if you are the same way.

"Building rapport with someone will cause their body to say unconsciously to their mind that this person is like me! "

You should also try, when you speak, to use the keywords that they use a lot.

For examples: "Alright", "Actually", "You know what I mean".

"u MATCH THEIR BREATHING: If there is a big difference in the breathing pattern of two people in conversation, both of them would feel uncomfortable.

If you want to build rapport with someone, you need to match the rhythm of breathing of the other person by moving your foot or finger at the same pace.

"u MATCH HOW THEY DEAL WITH INFORMATION: Different people deal with information differently. Some are detail oriented and some prefer it brief. You need to match the other person's way of dealing with information.

If you get this wrong you will find it very difficult to build rapport as the detail-oriented person will be yearning for more information and the other type of person will soon be yawning!

"u MATCH COMMON EXPERIENCES: Suppose, you are a long way from home and met someone, who is a total stranger, and discovered he is from your own hometown.

Before long, you will find yourself in a very lively conversation with the guy, looking for experiences in common.

Consider the opposite case. You are in a restaurant and everybody at your table has been served their food but you. How do you feel? Out of place?

This is all about finding some commonality. If both parties have matching experiences, interests, backgrounds, values and beliefs, they have greater chance to be in rapport.

One point to bear in mind is that you need to be subtle when you are matching and mirroring. Be careful not to exceed the limits. Typically, however, the other person will not notice it.

You can develop your ability to observe other people to such an extent that you will begin to see and even predict people's reactions to communications.

This is known as calibration and is a way of determining whether you are in rapport with someone.


Once you have established rapport, you can start changing your audience's viewpoint to more closely match your own. This is called leading.

Do this slowly, and you will elicit a positive response.

You will notice your audience starting to adopt your mannerisms and enthusiasm.

Leading is simply the ability to direct an audience's feelings, thoughts, emotions and responses in a direction that favors your message.

"Once you have established rapport, you can start changing your audience's viewpoint to more closely match your own. "

Once you have mastered the skills of rapport building, you will find that you can lead virtually anyone and any group, large or small, in the direction you wish. Why? Rapport helps build trust.

When people trust in you they are more likely to listen to what you have to say, empathize with you and take on your ideas, intentions and meaning. Rapport can be used to lead most audiences in a positive manner.


As with most things, rapport-building techniques become more effective the more you use them so it's important that you practice whenever possible. And it can be a lot of fun!

Consider working in small groups or one-on-one with a close friend before trying this on an important audience.

You can practice building rapport with strangers at the grocery store or even in line at the coffee shop.

In fact, the best people to try your new skills on are strangers, because your rapport building skills will be most useful when you are speaking to strangers.

To build effective rapport you must be patient and you must be an exceptional observer.

Don't spend every moment concentrating on your own actions, but instead pay close attention to those of your audience.

Key Performance Indicators Of Good Leadership

Key Performance Indicators Of Good Leadership

Guest post from DR. GREG ALSTON:

"Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.

"- Peter Drucker"

This quote by one of the most respected management theorists of the last 100 years crystallizes the essence of how to determine whether someone is a good leader or not. Good leaders find a way to get the job done. Great leaders find a way to get their team to perform better than they thought was possible and to succeed despite their shortcomings. Good people like to join good companies run by good leaders. Unfortunately good people also leave good companies because of a bad manager. And bad managers infect every organization. A bad leader is identified by his ability to destroy the effectiveness of his team. A BossHole is that particularly bad manager who sucks the joy, life, energy and enthusiasm out of their organization. "The BossHole Effect" is what happens to a company run by a poor leader. Instead of performing high quality work that adds value to the economy they do uninspired mediocre work. Instead of providing great customer service that inspires customers to sing their praises they do sloppy inattentive work that annoys their customers. These BossHole managers are the arrogant, irritating, snarky people who make good people want to quit even though they like the company.

Here are ten ways you can tell the difference between a BossHole and a good boss:

1. When a good boss does something stupid he will acknowledge the screw-up, apologize for his error and fix it. BossHoles never think anything is their fault and they never apologize because in their imaginary world they are never wrong.

2. Good bosses normally ask you to do something for them and only occasionally tell you what to do. BossHoles never ask, they always tell. And they demand that you to stop whatever you are doing to get it done for them regardless of what else you have to do.

3. Good bosses only hold meetings when they are necessary to move the team effort forward. Bad bosses hold meetings all the time so they can hear themselves speak. They do not respect their employee's time or efforts.

4. Good bosses' immediately correct poor performance in an employee before it has a chance to get out of hand. A BossHole ignores poor performance until it festers and becomes such a big deal that he has to belittle and demean someone in front of their peers.

5. A good boss knows that good people occasionally do bad things and need to be given a break. A BossHole thinks that all employees need to be micromanaged for them to be useful.

6. A good boss deflects praise for a job well done on to the efforts of his team and steps up to take the blame for any failure. A BossHole takes credit for anything good that happens and deflects the blame for any failure on to his team.

7. A good leader finds a way to inspire average people to perform at a championship caliber level. A BossHole finds a way to demoralize above average people to perform mediocre work.

8. A good leader builds consensus and inspires his team to new heights. A BossHole creates a culture of infighting, back biting sabotage of the team's effort.

9. A good leader leads from in front a BossHole drives from behind.

10. A good leader won't allow his team to fail. A BossHole won't allow his team to succeed.

After 35 years of research in to the key performance indicators of leadership success a new tool has been developed to allow employees to quickly and easily identify BossHole behavior. The BossHole Rating scale describes 5 different categories of Boss. These are: Great Boss, Good Boss, Partial BossHole, BossHole and Complete BossHole. The leadership dimensions assessed focus on the unmistakable behaviors that signal good and bad leadership behavior. Anyone can use the Boss Rating system to rate a current or former boss using the Rate Your Boss Tool or they can rate themselves using the separate Rate Your Self as a Boss Tool.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Dr. Greg L. Alston is the developer of the Boss Rating System and the Best Selling author of, "The BossHole Effect, Three Simple Steps Anyone Can Follow to Become a Great Boss and Lead a Successful Team." He has owned and operated a variety of businesses, worked for hundreds of bosses and supervised thousands of employees. His no nonsense approach and clear informal teaching style will teach you how to Coach others, Command respect, and Create an environment in which your team can thrive. Leadership is not a personality trait; it is a way of acting. Great leaders build great teams. Great teams achieve great things. The call to leadership is a call to action and this action begins when you buy and read his book.