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Online Dating Advice For Men Email

Online Dating Advice For Men Email
Online dating can be a solution to finding a casual date or a stable relationship. Whatever you are looking for, there is one key component to ONLINE DATING ADVICE FOR MEN: EMAIL. Read on for tips on how to write emails that will guarantee you a date.


ADAM KLEIN (for the Staten Island Advance) wrote an excellent article providing tips for Staten Island men who find themselves without a date. This is what he recommends when it comes to write emails that will lead to a date (and he is a writer after all so I guess we should pay attention to what he has to say):

A rule of thumb: Keep it short. Be original. Have fun.

Men need to write messages that are unique and interesting, while still keeping the word count very short. If we can do this and make our dates laugh at the same time, we have hit the perfect trifecta.

For the first e-mail: Make one joke or playful comment in the first half of the e-mail that relates to her profile; ask an interesting question in the second half. Keep it to six sentences, max. Read the complete article here.

Next comes a key to attract women with your emails: words. Men are visual creatures. Women love words.

Women mainly feel attraction based on internal characteristics. This is why so many beautiful women in society are with men who aren't that great looking.

When women see men who appear to be leaders, alpha males, funny, in high pursuit, etc., they instantly feel an attraction without thinking about it.

And in the online world, our words must communicate these internal characteristics, since our voices and body language cannot.

When it comes to ONLINE DATING ADVICE FOR MEN, EMAIL can turn into your secret weapon to show real examples of the characteristics that women appreciate. An example would be telling funny jokes if you want to demonstrate your sense of humor.

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